Artificial Intelligence Write For Us

Artificial Intelligence Write For Us

Artificial Intelligence [AI] Write For Us is the Common search term these days for tech bloggers and tech writers to publish their blogs in top-ranked tech site. Our blog is one of those which allows the gust writes to write for us on Artificial Intelligence or AI, its advantages and disadvantages, the sectors in which AI is making a revolution with is intelligence.

Importance Of AI and its applications

In view of current technological advances, the acceptance of Artificial Intelligence as a technology and its use in large-scale projects is growing every day. The possibility of using micro-services containing AI greatly increases the flexibility and the implementation of this technology in existing projects.

Artificial intelligence is defined as “all the theories and techniques for making machines to simulate human intelligence”. Thus, the notion of AI as such brings together a set of very broad subjects. Among these AI applications, we find in particular the notions of machine learning, as well as those of deep learning.

The uses of AI today can be grouped into 3 main categories: identification, prediction, and data generation.


In the case of identification, AI is now used for everything related to facial recognition, text recognition (OCR) as well as voice detection, or even translation; in general, anything related to image and sound processing can be related to AI. It is in the context of these applications that deep learning is used most often.

Prediction and data generation.

In the case of prediction, AI can be used in an infinite number of situations, such as for example the forecasting of a company’s turnover, the prediction of automobile traffic, or even the weather forecast.

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