Write For Us – Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Technology & Bitcoin

Write For Us – Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Technology & Bitcoin

Here in our blog named webupdatesdaily we are giving opportunity to writers and publishers to write for us on the topics like Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Technology, Bitcoin, Ethereum, Altcoin and Mining. Nowadays digital currencies like bitcoin and crypto are in trend due to the digitalization of the world. Many transactions are made in the form of bitcoin between businesses and companies. So our blog aim is to let our readers and visitors share more knowledge on cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. So writers and guest authors can use keywords like Cryptocurrency Write For Us, Blockchain Write For Us and Bitcoin Write For Us to discover our blog and submit their article on their desired topics.

To submit their articles guest authors and writers need to contact our blog publishing team at webupdatesdaily@gmail.com

Topics That Writers Can Choose To Write For Us

  • Cryptocurrency Write For Us
  • Blockchain Write For Us
  • Bitcoin Write For Us
  • Ethereum Write For Us
  • Altcoin Write For Us
  • Mining Write For Us
  • Digital Currency Write For Us

Guidelines To Follow While Writing The Articles

The writer must keep the below mentioned guidelines and points in mind before writing the article.

  • The article Must be at least 500 words long.
  • One image should be added to the article. If not we will add our own image.
  • The Guest post must be unique. [It should not be spin or copied from other sources]
  • You must Follow Good English and Good Grammar.
  • You should Keep a proper Title and Headings.
  • If you want you can include your author bio with your image.
  • The article must be related to topics like Cryptocurrency Write For Us, Blockchain and Bitcoin Technologies.

How To Submit The Guest Post?

After writing the article you need to keep it in a google doc or microsoft word and send it to webupdatesdaily@gmail.com.

Our editorial team will review your writing and make changes if required and then they will send it to the publication team for publishing.

After publishing we will share you the live URL so that you can share it on your social media channels like Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin.

For all queries and submissions the authors and publishers need to contact us at webupdatesdaily@gmail.com

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If you have any doubt or confusion regarding guest posting and article submission then you can feel free to reach us at webupdatesdaily@gmail.com. Our team will be active for 24 hours and they will guide you for further steps.