The Future Of DevOps

As the economy becomes more unstable, organizations will seek to validate and optimize the value that their DevOps tools provide at scale.

Many market experts are forecasting a massive economic downturn or recession in the next 12 to 24 months, which means that organizations around the world are going to look for ways to reduce costs without cutting production to weather the storm. In recent years, digital transformation and Cloud-first initiatives in organizations have generally had freedom of action regarding budgetary needs. At the same time, the maturity of DevOps tools has meant their evolution and use on a large scale, being more and more expensive every day. In 2020, organizations will focus significantly on the cost structure and try to take advantage of DevOps tools that provide equivalent value, while minimizing costs at scale.

On the other hand, focusing on end-to-end life cycle management will speed up the complexity of the DevOps work process.

With the emergence of microservices and CI / CD tools (Continuous Integration / Continuous Delivery), the emphasis has been placed on the development and use of many different tools to address small tasks spread over similar parallel work processes. For example, two different teams within an organization often have their own CI / CD pipelines that consist of numerous different tools for version control, build automation, monitoring analysis, early testing, code review processes, and more. While organizations have reaped the benefits of addressing personalized work processes, this has also led to an incredible proliferation of tools within teams, often dispersed, that can hamper productivity. DevOps providers are often assigned the task of ensuring compatibility with tools from other providers.
Focusing on end-to-end life cycle management will speed up the complexity of the DevOps work process.

We can also predict with certainty that DevOps will come true. With the increasing number of data breaches and the great emphasis on data privacy laws such as PSD2 and GDPR worldwide, organizations aware of DevOps will be forced to prioritize diligence in security measures throughout the year that comes to market them. As new standards are established, more application developers will be forced to build strict security policies directly within the code. There will be an increase in  tools to automation of much more compliance tasks with the cybersecurity teams, thus incorporating security and compliance measures into CI’s daily work processes.

By 2020 we are aware that organizations, without a doubt, will increasingly incorporate analytics for “smarter” DevOps.

Mature organizations in DevOps are now at a stage where they are close to maximizing efficiency gains in all their work processes. As these top organizations always look for more profits with high speed AI, data science, and automated analytical tools will be more utilized into workflows to improve efficiency and work time to market. Developers will look for data science tools to improve project application results through historical data and telemetry around repository records, test results, infrastructure workloads, and so on. This, along with smarter alerts and more effective event-driven triggers.

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