Google Drive – What is it?

Google is the name of an American company founded in 1998 by Sergey Brin and Larry Page. Although its most popular product is a search engine, the company provides a host of computer services.

Google Drive

  • One of the tools that Google offers to Internet users is Google Drive. This service, launched in 2012, allows you to store files on the Internet, with a free modality and several plans that require a payment. Google Drive emerged as a replacement for Google Docs, a tool with similar characteristics.
  • Google Drive users can save photos, videos, drawings, text files, and many other types of documents. The free version of the service offers a capacity of up to 15 gigabytes: those who want to store more files must purchase a more advanced plan. There are alternatives from $ 1.99 per month (100 GB of space) to $ 299.99 per month (30 TB of capacity).

    It should be noted that Google Drive is a cloud computing or cloud computing service: users can access their files from any computer (computer), tablet, or smartphone by entering their identification and password. This means that access to information is not limited to a specific device.
  • Google Drive, on the other hand, makes it easy to share files among many people. The account holder can invite other users to view, download, and/or edit documents, without the need to send the files by email or by other means.
  • Suppose the guitarist of a rock band records a melody and stores the audio file on Google Drive. You can then authorize your partners (the bassist, the drummer, and the singer) to download that file so that they, too, can work with your composition.

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