What Is Mailchimp And Its Advantages

It managed to place itself among the famous Forbes list’s first positions in little more than a decade of activity. Mailchimp was a digital marketing revolution, thanks to a service that attracts more and more companies every year. Thanks to the charismatic chimpanzee, the maligned email marketing, usually related to intrusion and spam, began to be assimilated by the public.

What Is Mailchimp

Sometimes the needs draw the solution without much effort. Ben Chestnut and Dan Kurzius sailed that sea in 2001, helping their design clients create mailing lists.

Little more than five years later, the service creators decided to leave the rest of the parallel projects to promote Mailchimp as the platform it is today.

Technological development and optimization of the tool over the years made it possible to turn the ape into a symbol for marketing agencies. In 2018 the invention already had 20 million users and generated 600 million dollars in profits.

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Mailchimp is the mass and digital translation of traditional emailing. Marketing agencies that are used to sending promotions to long contact lists use this to automate processes.

It is, in conclusion, an ideal tool to create subscriber lists and manage campaigns and autoresponders.

It is a marketing automation platform that helps you share email and advertising campaigns with customers and other interested parties and collects the official site.

For an entrepreneur with no email marketing knowledge, Mailchimp can be overwhelming. One of the advantages of the tool is that there is a large backup of free information.

The service creators have achieved such success precisely because they know how to attract both the entrepreneur and the user with a hobby or the creator of digital content. Almost everyone finds something of value.

Advantages And disadvantages Of Mailchimp

Like all digital solutions, Mailchimp is not perfect, and throughout its history, users have made it known to developers.

Fortunately, almost two decades after its first seed appeared, the chimpanzee is close to reaching its most complete and refined version of all. That, despite continuing to add functionality and adjustment options.

Advantages Of Using Mailchimp

  • Virtually unbeatable price/quality: it’s free up to 2,000 subscribers—moment for which it is assumed that you already have sufficient income.
  • Simple, entertaining, and intuitive: despite the complexity of some of the tasks, the interface always remains clear, with large buttons and user-friendly animations.
  • High delivery rate: even creating lists with not properly optimized parameters.
  • Integration of different tools that manage to centralize the process without the need to resort to third-party services.
  • Fast and effective database management: the most common is that the company denies the Excel tables to operate directly from Mailchimp.
  • Monitoring: clicks, messages read, bounces. The platform has enough statistics and data to measure the effectiveness of shipments.
  • Great customization: Mailchimp allows you to use both default and your templates through HTML code.

Disadvantages Of Using Mailchimp

  • Language: although the official guides offered by the company itself are, the platform itself is only available in English.
  • Limitation: being complete and effective, the automation resources remain something basic for the vanguard distilled in the scientific field.
  • Expensive: in its most complete and professional versions, the price of Mailchimp is considerable, which can put many companies back after exceeding the limit set by the free account.

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