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Telecom write for us
  • Telecom Write For Us is the widely used terminology by Telecom engineers for submitting their articles.
  • The engineering telecommunications is a field of engineering that is responsible for solving problems arising in the transmission and reception of signals or networking. It is the specialty of telecommunication application, a term that is associated with remote communication, which is usually through the propagation of electromagnetic waves.
  • This area of ​​engineering had its beginnings from the creation of telegraphy and from there it has evolved with the appearance of radio and television, mobile telephony, telematic networks, internet, etc. Currently and thanks to the development of the area of computer science, telecommunications engineering has had an important boom, creating new branches focused on digital systems such as telematics and mobile telephony.

The way Of Telecommunications System

  • The issuer of information: he who speaks. It is who transforms and encodes the messages until they become a physical phenomenon.
  • The medium or channel: is the path through which said signal is broadcast.
  • The receiver: is the one who has the task of detecting the signal, restoring it and decoding it, in order to extract the information.

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