Virtual Reality And Personalization This Will Be Retail In 2030

Humanity is increasingly dependent on technology in different areas and industries. Our society has changed its preferences when shopping and leans more and more on its electronic devices, causing a drastic transformation of physical stores. In the case of retail, or retail store, technology will offer consumers personalized experiences and will also be key to improving the logistics efficiency of points of sale. Currently, this transition is already happening, and there are fewer and fewer physical stores, but they are larger and with greater integration of new technological applications. These businesses are incomplete evolution toward the digital world,

According to a report carried out by the consulting firm Frost & Sullivan and promoted by Dassault Systèmes, surprisingly, only 23% of consumers think they will make absolutely all of their purchases online in 2030. The vast majority of those surveyed continue to believe that they will go to physical stores, but the appearance of these will not be what we are used to. The use of augmented and virtual reality technologies will change the consumer experience when buying. It will be possible to test products virtually and check how they feel in different scenarios. For example, it is not the same to try on a swimsuit and see yourself in the mirror of the store fitting room than to see how it would look on you on the beach with the help of virtual reality technologies.

Stores will have to adapt their businesses to new technological trends to survive this new era of change. Combining a physical and digital shopping experience is the key to success. Physical stores will no longer be places with an infinite number of products on display but rather showrooms that offer immersive experiences that will not be available online. There will also be significant changes in the logistics field, where there will be robots that will restock the shelves and provide the products that the customer requests. Payments will be made almost entirely electronically with the help of cutting-edge facial recognition technologies.

Another trend that will be very much in vogue in the next decade is personalizing products to the needs and tastes of the consumer, and companies like ECCO are already implementing this type of technology to adapt their products to each of their customers. The company’s innovation lab has developed a sophisticated algorithm to make a digital twin of each consumer’s foot create personalized soles with the help of 3D printing technologies. These characteristics will be increasingly present in products and services that will offer features that meet the user’s requests.

There is no doubt that the technological advances of recent decades have made it possible to modernize and include these discoveries in our daily lives, and by the year 2030, this trend will be at its peak. For successful digitization of the industry, physical stores and online services cannot be rivals but allies that will allow customers unique experiences when buying.


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