5 Keys To Developing Creativity In Your Work Environment

5 Keys To Developing Creativity In Your Work Environment

Take Care Of The Way you Feed Your Mind.

Creative thinkers constantly read to feed their minds with new ideas and concepts. They carefully select what they are going to read and why they are going to do it. It is often more important to choose a particular reading; Whether it’s a magazine on various topics, a biography, or a good fiction book, read more. Inspiration does not come by magic, but what is clear is that if you know where you want to go, a related reading can help you find original solutions to cumbersome problems.

Park Logic And Routine In Your Way Of Thinking

Traditional thinking is neither better nor worse. It’s just different from what we’re looking to promote. Many workers perform their tasks mechanically and routinely. They put their minds on automatic pilots without stopping to think that a critical or creative point of view at certain moments can be the key to achieving much better results.

Do you still believe that doing the same thing will get better results? Take a chance!

Empower Your Curious Spirit.

Curiosity is the genesis of creative thinking. From apparently irrelevant aspects of reality, ideas, doubts, approaches, and conceptual connections can arise…

Everything that catches our attention can be a stimulus to consider new realities or possibilities, and it pushes us to inform ourselves and establish criteria about things. If you are in a moment in which you need creative solutions and you are blocked, go to the cinema to see the movie that you have wanted to see for a long time, put on that record that makes you dance, think and feel, go to the new art exhibition of your city, or go out for a walk. This will make your mind receive different stimuli and start to think in another way.

Equip Yourself With Tools To Think Differently And “Outside The Box.”

Many times it is not just a matter of choosing a good book, changing stimuli, or trying to get out of the routine; there are many tools at your disposal that you can use to stimulate the development of revolutionary ideas.

One of the most powerful tools for thinking creatively is mind maps. A mind map is a graphic technique of organizing ideas and connecting them visually, where you start from a central node, and the ideas unfold like the branches of a tree in a radial way. This way of organizing ideas breaks with linear thinking and helps us create new connections between our thoughts. As a graphic tool, mind maps promote the use of the right hemisphere of our brain, which is associated with visual and creative thinking.

In addition to mental maps, there are techniques such as TRIZ or the lateral thinking technique that will make you stop thinking with limits.

Let Your Ideas Mature.

Ideas are not born in a single day. Ideas, like people, have a life cycle. They’re born, grow up, reproduce and die. When they are born, they can be weak and not fend for themselves, so you have to let them develop little by little and without pressure.

Over time, the ideas that arise have to mature and adapt to reality, becoming applicable, appropriate and approachable. The idea is to continue working hard until the good thoughts and vibrations meet our expectations. Lastly, stay active! Work stimulates Creativity; inaction only discourages it and makes us passive in the face of daily challenges.

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