Blockchain – How Is It Applied To Digital Marketing

Blockchain – How Is It Applied To Digital Marketing

Surely you have ever heard the term ” Blockchain “, but you may not know its meaning. And, much less, how it can be applied to a business. Although it has many business applications, it is a difficult technology to understand. That is why today we want to tell you what Blockchain is and how it can be applied to Digital Marketing.

What Is Blockchain

The Blockchain is a technology that allows us to register transfers (of data, money, goods.) securely thanks to a sophisticated coding. To better understand what it consists of, we could equate it to a ledger where all the inflows and outflows of money are recorded. However, in this case, the operations take place in the digital environment.

Transfers do not need intermediaries to verify and approve the information, since they are distributed in independent nodes that register and validate them. For this reason, transactions are more secure: there is no single point of failure that compromises the operation of the entire system, and since there are no intermediaries, no one gets the data.

This concept is often associated with cryptocurrency, a digital medium for formalizing exchanges, such as Bitcoin. However, this system has an application that goes much further. As we are going to see, it can even be applied to Digital Marketing strategies.

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How Can The Blockchain Be Applied To Digital Marketing

Technology chain block can be applied in various digital marketing strategies :


When purchasing a product online, we must trust that we will receive it without problems. However, we can end up falling victim to scams without the ability to take action.

Blockchain technology provides greater security to the process of online purchases through e-commerce. The reason is that it allows you to track products from manufacturing to delivery. That is, the user knows the entire production process, thus avoiding counterfeits.

SEM And SEO Campaigns

This technology can affect the way we understand Search Engine Marketing, mainly SEO and SEM. Today, companies like Google act as an intermediary that connects advertisers with digital media. Therefore, to carry out SEM actions, it is necessary to do it through them.

Thanks to Blockchain technology, this dependency disappears, since the process takes place without intermediaries. By creating a decentralized network to manage these campaigns without intermediaries, the users themselves are responsible for validating and distributing them.

Online Advertising

Companies develop their advertising actions taking into account user data. In this way, they make sure to generate the desired impact, since they offer the public what they demand and need. That’s why user data is so valuable today.

Thanks to Blockchain, we are heading towards the democratization of the Internet. In other words, each user becomes the owner of their data. And, besides, you choose the way you want to have them, as well as the publicity you want to receive. Therefore, this technology makes it possible to limit intrusive advertising.

Advantages Of Blockchain For Digital Marketing Strategies

Blockchain brings many advantages to the field of Digital Marketing :

  • Greater Security In Online Purchases: This technology provides confidence and security when making transactions. As it allows us to track the products, we make sure that what we buy is not a fake.
  • Increased Liability Of Brands: When a company commits in any way, the only thing we can do is take their word for it. However, thanks to the Blockchain and its smart contracts, this fact changes, since these contracts are automatically fulfilled when both parties agree on the terms.
  • Greater Control By The User: Users own their data on the blockchain. Therefore, if a brand wanted to send them a message, it would have to ask for their authorization. Users could put a price on the transaction and the brand would have to pay.
  • Elimination Of Impersonators: If browsing the Internet a unique password was necessary to replace all the previous ones, it would end all the people who pretend to be others. Therefore, surfing the net would be safer.
  • Blockchain Is A Technology That Can Revolutionize The Universe Of Digital Marketing: Although it is not yet an upward trend, it helps to solve many problems in this area. So who tells us it won’t be rolling out shortly.

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