ExtraTorrent – Proxy List To Unblock Extratorrents & Best Alternatives in [2020]

ExtraTorrent – Proxy List To Unblock Extratorrents & Best Alternatives in [2020]

ExtraTorrent website was founded in 2006 and until its shutdown it is the second-largest Torrent site in the world. ExtraTorrents site provides the entertainment and other software content for download in the form of magnet links and torrent files.
With the help of ExtraTorrent, one can easily download the required items like Games, Softwares, Movies, TV Shows, TV Series and more.

Shut Down Of ExtraTorrents

In 2017 ExtraTorrent on its website had shown a message for its users that the website has permanently shut down due to some legal issues. all the mirror sites are also got down at that time and the total data and content of the site have been wiped out.
ExtraTorrnets site is the most viewed website on google at the time of its shutdown.by this one can understand how famous this site has been in those days.

Reappearance Of ExtraTorrents

In a short span of its shut down numbers of proxy and clone sites has been appeared with the name of Extratorrent and came up with the same content.Extratorrent.cd is the first clone site that has been appeared on the web. similarly, Extratorrent.ag is also another clone site with the same features of the original website. although the database of the original site has been wiped off during the time of its shutdown these clones come up with the similar database and also they reached millions of visitors in a short span of time.

Best ExtraTorrents Proxies/Mirrors For You

ExtraTorrents Proxy

A mirror site is that which looks exactly like the original site with the same database but totally maintained on the different servers. proxies act as messengers in the middle without communicating to the original site directly. here we uploaded the list of some sites that acts as clones to the original ExtraTorrent website and with the help of these sites one can enjoy the similar features the same as the original one.

Top 5 ExtraTorrent mirror sites:

  • https://extratorrent.si/
  • https://extratorrents-cc.com/
  • http://www.extratorrent2.net/
  • https://myextratorrents.com/
  • https://extratorrents.ch/

More Proxies








With the help of the above-mentioned proxies and mirror sites list one can easily unblock or easily access the ExtraTorrents website and download their required items.

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Best Alternatives To ExtraTorrents

If you are facing any problems while accessing the ExtraTorrent website trough its mirrors and proxies, no problem here we came up with the topmost alternatives that can be used in the place of ExtraTorrents and enjoy the same experience.

The PirateBay.org


PirateBay.org is one of the largest torrent sites all over the world with a large number of users and traffic. this website provides all magnet links and torrent links to download the HD movies, TV Shows, TV series and many more.

So one can find the best alternative in the form of PirateBay.below we mentioned some of the mirror sites for PirateBay.

  • piratebays.be
  • openpirate.org
  • unblockpirate.org
  • esxrewbxj65niv2s.onion.ly
  • indiapirate.com
  • piratebays.fi


1337x which is also called 13377x is also one of the best places to download HD movies and many more other things free of cost. this website is also blocked due to legal issues many years back but still, it is on the web with numbers of clones and proxies.so in my view, this is also one of the best alternatives to ExtraTorrent. below are the proxies to 13377x.

  • https://1337×1.unblocked.lol/
  • https://1337x.unblockall.org/
  • https://x1337x.ws/


EZTV is also a nice place where one can find the magnet and torrent link to download movies, games, TV Shows and TV series with free of cost. the site itself suggests the users use the VPN for its access.



limeTorrents is a well-designed torrent site which has a large number of user all over the world.with the help of limeTorrents one can easily download the latest released box office HD releases and numbers of TV shows and series after the few minutes of their broadcasting.so this can serve as the best alternative in the place of ExtraTorrents website.


For those who want to watch the latest releases, TorLock is the best place to visit.It provides the latest release movies, anime, games and many more. this site also has a large number of users .so this is also one of the best alternatives to be used in the place of ExtraTorrent.



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