Five Tips For Cyber Security You Have To Follow

Five Tips For Cyber Security You Have To Follow

Every day, millions of attacks are carried out on companies’ computers and servers around the world. The types of attacks are very diverse and are becoming increasingly sophisticated. It is, therefore, important for every company to protect itself as best as possible against attacks from hackers. In addition to software, employee training also helps because even the best software is useless if employees accidentally let malware into the system.

The Identification of Employees

Multi-factor authentication (MFA) should be standard in companies, regardless of size. This authentication method involves two or more verification factors that a user must enter before gaining access to a resource. Resources that can be protected in this way include online accounts or VPN connections. This protection makes it harder for cybercriminals to steal and then use credentials. If they do not get access to the company network, they cannot access relevant company data and, above all, customer data. In addition, they have no way of snooping on the web or launching attacks from within.

Restriction of Employee Access Rights

Not every employee needs unlimited user rights on the company network to do their work. As a rule, limited user rights are sufficient for this, so these should actually be restricted. In particular, requests to download files and execute them should be banned. Access to the network can be easily denied. This means that if hackers have gained access to the company network through a user, they have little chance of extending their attacks throughout the entire network. You can also regulate your email inboxes. The receipt of Excel spreadsheets and other file formats that can be used to transport executable files should be restricted. You can further protect your employees with upstream quarantine databases or rigorous blocking of emails with such file attachments.

Install Updates Promptly

Program improvements are implemented in the classic sense through updates. In this context, it is primarily about security-relevant updates that close security gaps. Hackers regularly test for loopholes. At the same time, software providers are also looking for any cracks. If something is found, the hole must be closed without restricting the functions of the software. If this is successful, an update will be rolled out and should be installed as quickly as possible. If you leave the gaps open for too long, the risk of being successfully attacked from outside increases. Automatic updates are, therefore, a tried and tested means of ensuring that no updates are forgotten or overlooked.

Use Virus Protection Programs.

Every device needs to be protected these days. To do this, it is important to purchase an antivirus program that is appropriate for the company’s level of protection and to run it on all end devices. Professional programs for companies offer not only the program but also background monitoring that allows administrators to see various data about the end devices. It is not possible to make blanket specifications regarding the scope of virus protection. However, it is important to keep an eye on the entire IT infrastructure, i.e., mobile devices, PCs or laptops in the office, and any servers. Professional advice is clearly recommended here.

Data Backup Is Important.

Data protection plays a very important role for all companies and is always viewed critically. Companies, regardless of size, must, therefore, handle customer data very carefully and know where to store it. Sensitive data must not fall into the wrong hands. Therefore, companies also have to look at how to keep them secure. The last important step is to back up the systems. The backups serve to protect the data in general. If you catch malware that encrypts active databases, you can quickly get back to work again with a backup. Positive side effect: If you accidentally delete data, you will find an older working status in the jams, provided they are made regularly, which you can use again. You don’t have to make backups by hand; there are intelligent controls that do this automatically at set intervals.


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