How the Fledgling World of Digital Marketing is Rapidly Changing

How the Fledgling World of Digital Marketing is Rapidly Changing

In our fast paced technology expansive world, digital marketing is now the forefront when it comes to promoting products and services online. Companies can use the numerous digital channels to reach their potential customers in a more engaging manner. Digital marketing companies use a number of marketing techniques such as Pay Per Click (PPC) and other types of display ads, mobile marketing (SMS and MMS), email marketing, blogs and social media platforms, business websites, etc.

The internet now plays an extremely significant role when it comes to people making purchase decisions. Due to this, it is imperative for any business to now have a growing online presence as it has now been established as the first point of contact for new prospective customers. If you are a small business owner looking to expand your company’s brand image online, it is advisable to compare a list of all the digital marketing firms that specialize in promoting your area of business on the internet.

These marketing agencies can greatly assist many types of businesses by creating a successful internet presence. This is carried out by the use of digital marketing tools and softwares that can boost the number of online advertisements and in turn, generate more leads. Digital marketing companies also deal with other useful services such as backend monitoring, website building, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), content creation, researching web statistics,  analysing customer data and much more.

Some of the Popular Digital Marketing Companies Along with Their Main Features



WEBFX is one the well known digital marketing companies and is considered to be a veteran in the industry as it has been around since the late 90’s.

They offer services and marketing strategies that can be specifically customized for any type of business and will provide a dedicated team of professionals consisting of web developers and user interface designers as well as content creators and distributors. The most common services that companies avail form WEBFX are listed as follows.

  • UX and Creative Design

Website maintenance, ADA compliance services, website cost calculator, e-commerce development, landing page design, user experience testing, UX website redesign and much more.

  • Analytical Data and Content Creation

Lead nurture pricing, online review management, voice search optimization, personalized web content, social media design, web video production, email marketing management services, motion graphics and infographics.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Website call tracking, programmatic advertising services, page speed optimization, conversion rate optimization, competitor geofencing advertising, SEO audits and pricing and much more.

MadMind Studios


MadMind Studios is another popular digital marketing agency that is known for its highly skilled team of professional marketers who also provide tailor-made customized marketing strategies and solutions for all types of business (small scale and large scale). Some of the services they offer are as follows.

  • Content Creation and Distribution
  • E-Commerce Marketing and Web Design
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pitch Deck Design
  • Google Ads (through Google’s Adsense Program)
  • Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising
  • Branding, Logo and Packaging Design
  • Social Media Advertising and Marketing

What is the Purpose of Social Media Management Companies?

Social media management is a branch of digital marketing where the creation, distribution and sharing of business related content is managed in a way that generates new leads, increases product reach as well as the financial growth of a company. This is highly useful for businesses looking to spread their awareness and to increase the appeal for their brand image.
These companies develop marketing strategies that are designed to generate better audience engagement through the use of interacting on social media platforms. This can also be something as simple as uploading videos, catchy images and gifs, informational texts, etc. The people interested in the content displayed can share, comment, repost and reply, thereby making the process more personal and interactive. Apart from this, companies can also pay high traffic websites to place their advertisements which when selected, will lead back to their website.

What are the Main Types of Social Media Platforms?

Social media management companies often have many types of social media platforms available for businesses to use, depending on their target audience, the timeline and budget. The types of social media platforms listed below are some of the most popular options companies avail when trying to grow their online presence.


Community Blogs
These online blogging platforms allow their users to express their opinions and thoughts which in turn, help them connect with other like-minded people. Few examples of community blogging sites are Tumblr, Blogspot and Medium.
Image Sharing Sites
These online image sharing platforms allow their users to curate, share and create unique images with the purpose of generating buzz or controversy. Few examples of image sharing sites are Imgur, Snapchat and Instagram.
Video Hosting Sites
These online video hosting platforms allow users to create and share personalized content on websites that are specifically optimized for streaming purposes. Few examples of video hosting sites are Vimeo, DailyMotion and YouTube.
Discussion Sites
These online discussion websites allow their users to discuss information on a particular topic. Generally, these discussions revolve around current events or a specific niche. Anyone is allowed to post a response or follow up the statements with additional information. These community discussion forums bring people who share common interests and curiosities.
Websites like these help spread knowledge sharing on a personal level which in turn, can lead to a sense of human-to-human interaction. Few examples of discussion sites are Quora, Twitter, Gaia Online and Reddit.


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