Jobs With The Greatest Security

Jobs With The Greatest Security

With the seemingly endless march of technology, it’s becoming harder and harder for job seekers to find a career with job security in today’s modern world. Where once an employee could have had relatively good prospects of spending their entire working career in the same position, employment experts now suggest today’s workers will hold multiple jobs over a lifetime.

Perhaps worse yet, with the speed of development of technologies like Artificial Intelligence (AI), robotics, and Machine Learning (ML), tech is coming to play an increasingly important role in the workplace – in many cases, usurping humans.

If you’re in a position where you’re hoping to find a role with the best long-term career prospects, below are just a few jobs reckoned to offer the highest stability.

Study a computing degree to expand your current work role

If there’s one employment sector that definitely shows no signs of slowing and seems the most likely to remain in demand in the years to come, it has to be jobs in the IT and computing industry. Tech offers a massive variety of different roles – everything from data analysis to programming and hardware production. Best of all, with technology now playing such a dominant role in most industries, it’s quite likely that, with just a little extra training, you could make yourself an invaluable member of staff while still keeping a similar role with your existing employer

For example, signing up for an online masters computer science could open a wealth of different opportunities – even if you’re already in a current role in a company that isn’t particularly IT-related.

Follow a career in nursing

While it’s undeniably true that computers are changing most modern job roles, if there’s one area that which tech simply can’t compete with humans, it’s within the caring sector. Computers and tech are remarkably adept at performing repetitive tasks, but they still fundamentally lack the empathy and care that’s required for medical roles. Moreover, they aren’t particularly good at making life or death decisions – again, another fundamental aspect of jobs in the care sector.

Become a software developer

Software development is another area of IT that is burgeoning – and with the software industry showing no signs of slowing, developers will remain in demand in years to come. As more and more firms move their digital resources to cloud computing providers – including porting their existing systems and programs to remote networks – the demand is likely to remain high for bespoke systems and apps tailored precisely for individual company needs.

Working as a software developer also has the distinct advantage of being able to operate remotely – even from your own home.

Take a job in speech-language pathology

Interestingly, the prospects for speech-language pathologists are among the highest of any professions, with the sector predicted to see a rise of 25% year on year until 2029. Just as with many other sectors, work in this area was transformed by the recent coronavirus, with many specialists having to change their role from face-to-face meetings to working more in an online setting.

Train to be a veterinarian

Somewhat similar to jobs in nursing, jobs in the veterinary sector are unlikely to be replaced anytime soon by computers and tech. For many of the same reasons, technology simply can’t compare when it comes to the human touch needed to be a good vet – plus, again, computers lack the skills to make often life or death decisions.

Become an IT manager

IT managers will typically oversee the work of programmers and networking specialists – and the job holds particular promise for those individuals that are willing to study cloud networking tech. This highly varied role offers a wealth of opportunities, often working in an advisory role for companies looking to integrate tech into their firms.

Train to be a physical therapist

With populations around the world living longer – and chronic illnesses becoming more common – jobs in the physical therapist sector are becoming more and more valued. Again, this is another sector where computers and technology stand little chance of usurping humans. Indeed, employment experts suggest that roles in the physical therapist sector could increase by around 33% up until 2029.

Take a job as an anesthesiologist

Although working as an anesthesiologist is widely regarded as one of the world’s most stressful jobs, career prospects are almost unlimited, with virtually zero unemployment in the sector. Anesthesiologists are responsible for administering anesthesia to patients, often undergoing life-saving operations meaning these highly trained individuals are among the most trusted and respected in the entire nursing and care industry.

Study occupational therapy

Occupational therapists are tasked with the responsibility of helping people recover from accidents, illnesses, or injuries. Working as an occupational therapist can provide a highly rewarding – if at times demanding – career. You will also likely be expected to offer care for those with disabilities using a variety of techniques, exercises, and equipment to aid in the recovery of patients.

Work in the therapy and counseling sector

Through the stresses of modern life, work in the therapy and counseling sector has increased tenfold – and, likewise, shows no signs of decreasing. This often demanding and challenging role is also one of the most rewarding, helping couples and individuals overcome personal problems.

Try a career in the physical therapy sector

Yet another role that is unlikely to come under threat from computers and tech anytime soon, a job in the physical therapy sector can be one of the most rewarding available. Physical therapists will typically be tasked with helping individuals to recover from surgeries, accidents, or illnesses.

Study for a role in Human Resources (HR)

Human Resources (HR) is one of the fastest-growing sectors of all employment positions. Working in HR is an extremely varied role that can offer career prospects as either a freelancer or employed in a more full-time position with a company.

Companies the world over are coming to realize more and more the value of their staff – and employing an HR specialist is one of the best ways to ensure the happiness of their workers. However, while looking after staff concerns and grievances is undoubtedly central to the role of the HR managers, the modern role involves much, much more – everything from hiring and firing to providing an essential and valuable link between employees and their bosses.

Work in prosthetics

The advances in artificial limbs and supportive devices over recent years have been nothing short of extraordinary, and a job in this sector could see you liberating those suffering from the ravages of illness or accidents, literally transforming lives.

Look at engineering for your next career role

Engineering must be one of the most diverse job sectors covering everything from electric and electronic engineering right through to chemical and nuclear engineering. This incredibly diverse career role can be equally rewarding both in terms of pay and the jobs you might expect to do.

However, before starting down the path towards working in engineering, it’s very important you first decide what sector you want to work in. As one might expect, the training to become a chemical engineer is entirely different from what you would study to work in construction engineering or the nuclear sector.

Work as a surgeon

The training involved in becoming a surgeon may be long and extensive, but this is one job that is going to remain in demand for many years to come – plus, surgeons earn some of the highest wages in the entire care industry.

Not everyone has the skills or aptitude for working in this sector, but it is still a career that will offer tremendous job security and satisfaction.

Treat people suffering from substance abuse or dependency

Working with people suffering from substance dependency may be challenging but helping an individual overcome their problems to find a new path is nonetheless extremely rewarding. Substance abuse can involve anything from alcohol dependency to drugs or even just something as simple as cigarettes.

Train to interpret and analyze data

With so much of our personal and business lives now transferring into the online realm, it’s probably little wonder that data analysis is becoming such an in-demand skill. Experts now suggest data is the world’s most valuable commodity – outstripping previous heavy-hitters like gold and oil. Given how much companies now rely on data for everything from client contact to predicting the ebb and flow of demand, training to have the skills to interpret that data is a skill that is likely to remain in high demand long into the future.

Work as a dentist

Yet another role that is unlikely to be replaced by tech any time soon, a job in dentistry offers not just excellent job security but also similarly high wages. While the pathway into this role may take time, working as a dentist offers great job prospects, including the opportunity to perhaps open your own surgery and work for yourself.

Study to be a lawyer

Because of the vagaries of legal systems – plus the fact people normally prefer the contact and understanding of fellow humans – a job in the legal sector is another career that offers great job security and high wages.

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