Why We Have To Use Production Software In Our Company

Why We Have To Use Production Software In Our Company

This makes it possible to easily analyze raw material requirements and make precise decisions about it, plan production according to orders received, control all production processes and take into account many other aspects of the company’s operation.

Good production software must also be simple to use with minimal knowledge and also flexible enough to adapt to planning changes that may arise in the company.

What is a Production Control Software?

Production software is a tool that facilitates the control of the production chain and controls the bottlenecks that slow down production at the company.

Through the information that is entered into it, this type of software is capable of integrally developing, controlling, and optimizing production processes. Also, it allows us to monitor each stage of production, carry out compliance controls, and maximize the efficiency of the company.

The production software also includes among its functions the planning of the purchasing, logistics, and product scandal processes, as well as the management of hidden costs, labor, and other expenses related to the losses and shipments of merchandise.

Advantages of production software

Basically, by adapting production software to the needs and characteristics of your company, you will maximize productivity by reducing the time allocated to each task. 

Being able to have real-time information on the production process about the orders to be completed gives you the possibility of forecasting the requirements in terms of labor, materials, subcontracts, machinery, capacities, and availability of resources. In this way, this software helps you ensure that your plant always operates at its maximum capacity, according to the needs of your customers.

Also, good production software must provide these advantages:

  • Allow planning and monitoring of the entire production process in real-time.
  • Obtain accurate information on the state of the machines, materials, and components that are used in the production process.
  • Calculate the required resources according to the volume of orders.
  • Create and manage production orders automatically.
  • Guarantee the traceability of products throughout the production cycle.
  • Control the production of several plants simultaneously.

Production software features

As for the functions of production software, the following stand out:

  • Control the organization of the stock, so that it is easy to locate, classify, quantify, and keep track of prices and inventory.
  • Store and manage supplier data.
  • Send alerts when stocks are insufficient to meet production needs.
  • Automate purchase orders. 
  • Generate statistics that facilitate the production management.

When to use production software in your company?

If your company manages production plants in the chemical industry, the food and beverage sector, the industrial field, agriculture and intensive or other livestock farming where a good production management system is needed, you need to use this type of software. It is the fastest and easiest way to maximize productivity and increase efficiency.

What kind of information does a production control system offer?

In a few words, a production software allows to elaborate the following:

The production master plan. Through it, production is adjusted to customer demand, and realistic delivery times are generated. 

The inventory status. While managing the stock, the production software manages the resources that are involved in the production and manufacturing processes.

The bill of materials. The software informs about the essential materials to manufacture the final product, all of them with a unique assigned identification code and a level in the descending structure, the product being zero. This allows better handling of raw materials and facilitates the manufacture, assembly, and production (also of by-products if any).

Control of external workshops. Through this control, the work carried out by external suppliers (chrome, cut, paint, etc.) is verified and controlled.

Benefits of implementing a production ERP solution

As a comprehensive production management solution, if you use ERP software in a production plant, you will be able to optimize the cost of production of the product, meet deadlines and maintain the highest quality standard.

This includes a multimedia environment that transparently shares resources with CAD systems, as well as enabling chaotic warehouse management, finite capacity planning, data capture, and more. 

The comprehensive management of all the aforementioned elements allows you to have a global vision of all the factors that affect the company’s productive activity, which reduces work effort and facilitates decision-making.

The production management ERP software solution offered was flexible and tailored to the production needs of each organization. This adjustability allows the necessary adaptations to be made so that it works in an ideal way in form, process, scandal, and work circuit. Thus, you can ideally manage your investment in assets, adjust the levels of your stock, and decrease the delivery times of what is manufactured, increasing the degree of satisfaction of your customers.

In summary, the benefits of using an ERP solution with integrated production management software are as follows:

  • Maintain fluid communication between all the sections involved in the production process.
  • Provide detailed information regarding machinery, personnel, and materials to optimize the production process. 
  • Plan the components and means of productive resources. 
  • Monitor the production process in real-time.
  • Manage production sets and processes, as well as item sheets.
  • Offer very comprehensive economic valuations, which can be done both in real mode and in simulations.
  • Increase the efficiency and productivity of the company.
  • The decrease manufacturing time, which leads to better customer service.
  • Incorporate different manufacturing models into your system.
  • Personalize data exploitation.

In summary, with production software, you can start working with tools that help you reach the highest level of productivity and efficiency in your company. All in all, this type of program is an indispensable ally to take a step.


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