The Top 7 Most Coveted Rolex Watches

The Top 7 Most Coveted Rolex Watches

Every Rolex fan indeed anticipates the release of the brand’s models in every part of the world. Some even made collecting a hobby in which they get to survey where they can find Rolex rare pieces. It’s no question why people patiently line up after long years of waiting just to have a single piece of their most coveted Rolex watch.

In this article, we gathered the top 10 most desired timepieces of Rolex throughout the years. Each model emphasized its use for every niche. Some are meant for diving, traveling, and as mere dress watches. Let us keep you entangled with the list of Rolex’s best-selling excellent timepieces.

Rolex Sea-Dweller

Rolex enthusiasts mention the third brand in addition to the Explorer and Submariner, the Sea-Dweller, which has had the distinctive black and silver color scheme from all versions throughout its lengthy history. This watch has never been created from any other material except steel to perform what it does best. No matter how deep you go, you still need to be healthy down to depths greater than 4,000 feet.

This divers’ watch is sealed against pressure damage thanks to a patented escape valve, which automatically equalizes the pressure inside the watch to prevent pressure from damaging the mechanism. It has the renowned GMT-Master II super case, which provides an edge in deep-ocean crushing. It conveys this personality since it presents rugged and macho aesthetics in every area.

Rolex Daytona

One of the most popular Rolex models is the Rolex Daytona in stainless steel. According to popular belief, the waitlists can be up to ten years long, so if you aren’t patient enough, chances are you can’t have one. However, it was said that in its early years, it was common for watch sellers to sell Rolex Daytona watches at a discount.

Today, you’d be surprised that you won’t even find one at an authorized shop, and the price kept on rising in other markets. Daytona is the supreme driving and speed tool watch that every enthusiast will love to have. What makes it more recognizable is the three sub-dials, a great addition to anyone’s collection.

Rolex GMT-Master II Pepsi

As we all know, Rolex models tend to reflect the things people actually do. GMT-Master II focused on a travel theme. With the rise of its Pepsi edition, it became famous as it featured a unique red and blue bezel with a design resembling the symbol of the eponymous fizzy drink brand.

This timepiece features an advanced and sophisticated hand that is set to measure both local time and 24-hour time. This feature is particularly advantageous for people who often travel across time zones. The primary reason that the GMT-Master became so popular was that it emphasized creativeness, offering a wide range of vibrant colors for its timepieces.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual

Other Rolex models are conceptually linked to their unique occupational niche. On the other hand, the Oyster Perpetual traces its roots far further back to the company’s original goal of manufacturing precise self-winding clocks. Though sometimes referred to as the ‘entry-level’ Rolex, the watch has a lengthy and reputable history since 1926.

The simplicity of this model allows it to be light and easy to use, but it is available in a wide selection of colors to fit the style and taste of the wearer. It perfectly fits with your sense of fashion in clothing instead of other Rolex models, which match the rest of your outfit. This watch has stood the test of time and provides a good balance of functionality to fits your lifestyle.

Rolex Yacht-Master

Yacht-Master is the first Rolex that uses a rubber strap that flexes with movement and does not shrink or lose its tightness, even when the wearer engages in rough sea conditions or undertaking strenuous activity. The first model is also available in three separate sizes: 35mm, 40mm, and a ladies’ version.

It helped the brand appeal to ladies and those with a wide range of wrist sizes worldwide. In addition to maintaining a tried-and-true formula, which has become an iconic element of the brand, Rolex gave the Yacht-Master a total re-designing through the case and bezel in Everose and Cerachrom. It had caused an increase in the watch’s popularity, with new owners and collectors buying the watches as an investment.

Rolex Day-Date President

According to some, the Day-Date has been worn by more international leaders than any other watch brand. In the past, this luxury watch brand has belonged to some influential people, including Arab rulers and American presidents as well as notable people such as Winston Churchill and Dwight Eisenhower, the first president to wear a Rolex. Thus, the nickname implies Rolex President.

The newer 40mm model currently gets the credit for grabbing the limelight, with no additional upgrades since its inception in 1956. It is one of the earliest luxury timepieces on the market, which tells you the date of the week and the day of the month. You have a wide range of choices between the 18-carat gold and 950 platinum options for the price, all the way up to the most expensive ones.

Rolex Submariner

If you are into watersports or simply love diving, the Rolex Submariner with a black dial and bezel is the one for you. This 1953 divers’ deep-diving watch has impressed watch enthusiasts worldwide. Its water resistance against 100 meters depth is Submariner’s trademark as it is the first that flaunts this feature in the market. Rolex made a massive success with its release.

Final Say

Indeed, wanting to own a Rolex timepiece is everybody’s dream. The brand is perfect, given the history and quality it had shown through its existence in the world of horology. With every trend and era, you’d find that Rolex has an available piece for that.

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