Urlebird – Best TikTok Online Viewer For Free

Urlebird – Best TikTok Online Viewer For Free

Urlebird is an online platform or application where you can watch your favourite TikTok Videos of Influencers and creators. TikTok is one of the leading social media platforms that is used by most of the people for the purpose of photo sharing and video sharing. It is one of the best entertaining platforms compared to all other social media channels. Due to this platform many people had proved their acting in the form of TikTok Videos and thereby turned into influencers and content creators.

But due to some data related reasons TikTok is banned in some countries like India. Actually TikTok is a Chinese app. In 2021 some countries had kept a lid on this app. For the people in those countries Urlebird is the best platform to access the TikTok Content. You can view your favourite person’s TikTok videos from here. Here in our article let us discuss Urlebird and its features and how to use this platform and access its content.

What Is Urlebird?

Urlebird is an online TikTok Viewer for free. This website also has application service also. We can download the Urlebird app from the play store and use it on our mobiles. Using the app is an easy way to access this platform, but using the browser through the website is a fast process. Here you can view all the tiktok videos. You can search for the username and search for their tiktok videos.

Mainly this tool used by the people who had no access to tiktok directly. We do not need the TikTok application on our mobile device to use this platform. Urlebird provides you the complete content and keeps us updated to the TikTok Trends.

Features Of Urlebird

  • It is free to use.
  • It has the option to download the videos from TikTok.
  • We Can access the latest trends, Dynamic content and viral videos.
  • Voice command option is also there.
  • Easy To use.
  • Supports both iOS and Android.
  • There is also an option of screen mirroring. You can connect to Tv and use it.
  • Loop mode is also available.

How To Use Urlebird?

Using this application is very simple. Below is the guide that you can follow to easy access for the platform

  • First open the Urlebird from any browser
  • Now you can see the website with many videos on the homepage.
  • Here is a search option on the website where we can search with a username or hashtag.
  • If we search our desired username then you can see all their TikTok videos.
  • There is also an option to download the videos onto your device.

The above mentioned guide is used if you open the Urlebird in the browser. If you want to use the app then you have to follow the below process

  • Open the google play store
  • Type Urlebird in search option
  • Click on download and after that install the application on your mobile.
  • Now if required you need to sign in or else you can directly access the TikTok Videos
  • There is an option called save which helps us to watch the videos later in our free time.

Is It Safe To Use Urlebird?

To be frank there is no issue or problem in using this Urlebird tool for viewing TikTok videos online. It is the maximum safe portal. But all the content that is present on this platform is copied content. The platform itself says that it had no connection with TikTok (who is the owner of all the content). Using it wisely keeps you safe. Avoid clicking on the pop ups that arise when you are using this app or platform, because those links may be dangerous and lead to phishing and Smishing of data.

Alternatives To Urlebird In 2024

There are also some similar websites like Urlebird. Below are they






Social Insider

TrendTok Analytics & Tracker


Brand 24

Final Say

This Urlebird platform is more helpful for the people in the countries who are banned from using the TikTok application. By using this tool they can access almost all the content from the TikTok. TikTok helped a lot of people like influencers and creators to earn some money from the platform through promotions and advertisements. But it does not follow the rules and regulations set by some countries so it is banned in those countries.


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