WISHEW And The New Era Of Social Networks: A Revolution Is Underway

WISHEW And The New Era Of Social Networks: A Revolution Is Underway

WISHEW App And Platform Launch In The United States On World Wish Day, April 29, Now Officially Live In The App Store

For Immediate Release: (April 30, 2024 — New York, NY) –  Wishew, the first social network in the world designed to fulfill wishes, made its debut April 29th—World Wish Day—in the United States.

Wishew launches in style, celebrating the closing of one of the largest pre-seed funding rounds in startup history: $10 million. Blending personal crowdfunding with the interactive storytelling of modern social networks, Wishew targets a broad demographic (ages 18-55) with a novel approach to achieving personal desires, ranging from life goals to bucket-list adventures. This socially-driven app fosters connections among like-minded individuals and cultivates a sense of community. Wishew is ushering in a new era in social networking, dedicated to fulfilling dreams, supporting aspirations, and making incredible new friendships. By creating the first community for personal fulfillment and establishing the leading network for lifestyle enthusiasts, Wishew makes reciprocity among dreamers the coolest thing ever.

Imagine a place where users from around the world share their personal wishes, challenges, and dreams through videos. A place where likes don’t exist, but sympathy and appreciation are shown with real dollars. This is the revolution led by Wishew, and given the over 50,000 pre-registrations in less than two weeks, it seems this was exactly what the world was waiting for.
On World Wish Day, April 29, the first social network designed to fulfill wishes is now officially available for download in the U.S. on both Android and Apple app stores. With the App’s release, users can immediately post their wishes and start working towards making them come true with the contribution of other dreamers.
Within Wishew’s discover section, users will discover thousands of videos waiting for them, sharing personal stories, challenges, and dreams. It’s an immersive, vibrant, and uniquely human experience that engages the user from the first moment. Participation is intuitive and rewarding: through voluntary donations, users contribute to the fulfillment of others’ wishes, earning rewards and special privileges in return. At the same time, users can share their own wishes through personal videos, inviting other dreamers to support them.
“We envisioned Wishew as the greatest wish-granting machine in the world. A platform that reinvents social networking, pushing it towards an era of unprecedented innovation and inclusivity. We are proud to have this extraordinary responsibility.” – Wishew founders
In short, Wishew marks the beginning of a new paradigm in social media, bringing a breath of fresh air with a clear goal: to transform wishes into the world’s most innovative, cool, and supportive language of connection.
“In these times, with the direction the world is going, we strongly believe that we can bring more value to people’s lives with this platform. A tool like Wishew will allow people to become closer and lend a hand to each other, encouraging camaraderie and positive support. With joy, personal fulfillment and hope for themselves, others, and the future. Perhaps it is a bit bold to say, but for us, this product  represents a social revolution. Yes it is ambitious, but we are excited to find out.”  – Wishew founders
Currently, the global market for desires is worth approximately 100 trillion dollars. This value is based on the money people spend on goods and services and the time and effort they devote to fulfilling their desires. Currently the majority of the population is surviving, not thriving. This means going into debt to survive and be happy, leading to the constant pressure to make ends meet, and the mental health epidemic. Currently, 90% of Americans believe we are in a mental health crisis. Anxiety and psychological depression are just some of the consequences, layered into the overall scheme of current social, economic and world pressures.
Wishew wants to provide people with a new tool to improve their lives. It is designed to make desires attainable, creating excitement through the experience, and taking off personal pressures. People will be able to save more, and be less in debt, by asking for what makes them happier. It is also incentivized to the participants.
By supporting the wishes of others the users will also earn privileges and points for participating in the Wish Game. Everyday, the most active contributors will have a chance to win amazing prizes such as dream trips, the best in technology, i.e. a new iphone, and more.
“The idea is to make personal crowdfunding and contribution the most social and cool thing ever.”  – Wishew Founders
Platforms such as Kickstarter and Indiegogo are solely focused on business proposals and projects. GoFundMe and JustGiving are focused on charitable causes and urgent, serious situations typically that need attention, often as a result of a crisis or death. Wishew is tapping into consumer items, travel, hobbies, as well as dreams, goals, while still encouraging work and projects and charity initiatives to be present on the platform.
“It would be like Christmas all year round. Everyone has at least one wish, big or small. A platform like this would allow all of us to help each other make our wishes come true.” – Surveyed user, Mariya Cayton

After the United States, the platform will launch in the United Kingdom, Canada, Europe, Mena and Latin America. The goal and initial projection is to reach 10 million users +.
The social wish-granting app aims to disrupt the market and revolutionize the social communities offered in the space by offering a new type of platform: allowing users to help each other and themselves to achieve the previously unattainable. The founders offer a fresh approach to the crowdfunding space by applying their tapped in social knowledge.

Wishew is the latest technological venture by entrepreneurs; Giacomo Vose (Founder & CEO),  Antonino Risicato (Co-Founder & CMO), and Vincenzo De Caro (Co-Founder & CGO). Wishew also has closed one of the highest pre-seed funding rounds in the world with the main investor being the public figure Leonardo Maria Del Vecchio through his fund, LMDV Capital.

The App is now available on the App Store and Google Play for iphone and android.

Visit it online https://wishew.com/
For additional information, please contact:
The Influence | contact@theinfluence.com


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