6 Emojis You Can Use To Be Passive-Aggressive

6 Emojis You Can Use To Be Passive-Aggressive

Digital communication can be a circus sometimes. In this day and age, where there is a focus on making our social media lives appear perfect, it’s common for people to resort to being irreverent. Interactions in text, chat, DM’s, PM’s, and comments are as important as the post itself. That’s why it pays to artfully express yourself in a way that people will understand instantly.

We all have that friend, co-worker, or colleague who we don’t know how to interact with. In the few times that it happens, the nagging feeling of being underhanded stays. So if you want to master the art of being petty, passive-aggressive or just plain savage, here are some emojis that you need to use:

Thumbs-Up Emoji

Perfect for a non-committal way of saying “sure, yes, okay” – the thumbs up emoji is as straightforward as it can get. When you want to make sure that you got the message right, use it once, and it’ll tell the person you sent it to that you’re on board with whatever they were asking.

But when you use the thumbs up emoji for that coworker who constantly is late and wants you to do their work, it can mean two things: that you’re okay with what they’re doing or you’re okay because you don’t have a choice. One artful way to be passive-aggressive with this emoji is when you’re sent a paragraph-long text and respond with this. Trust us; the receiver will want to choke you for it.

Upside Down Smiley Emoji

While it looks innocent, when the upside-down smiley emoji is paired with “Sure,” “No problem,” it becomes an entity on its own. The receiver won’t know if you’re making fun of them or patronizing them. Fun, right? There’s also a sinister edge to it. So if you want to test the waters, so to speak, use it strategically.

The Peace Hand Sign

This is a good emoji to use when you’re fed up with the person you’re texting with. Say you’ve been following up something from a co-worker, and they haven’t made an effort to entertain you. You can send a bunch of formal texts with veiled threats and read-in-between lines so that they know exactly not to cross you. Finish it with a peace sign emoji, and it will drive them crazy.

Cool Button

Remember when we used the word “cool” for almost anything? This is exactly what the cool emoji is for. When someone is spouting uninteresting stuff or just humble-bragging in social media, you can use this to make them feel they’re not as engaging as they think. It’s also a great way to express boredom. Much like saying, you’re listening, but not really listening.

This emoji is perfect for that one group chat with your friends who are not really your friends anymore. They won’t think you’re unengaging, or worse, trashing them down – they’d just think you don’t have anything to add to the conversation. That’s a better way to keep the peace than to become a nasty person on text outrightly.

Scratching Chin Emoji

Perfect for when you’re not sure how to react to the text that you’ve just received. The scratching chin emoji signifies, “I’m pretty sure there’s something wrong with what you’ve just texted me, but I’m not calling you out on it. So, stay pressed.”

Dancing Lady Emoji

The dancing lady emoji denotes happiness, the state of being carefree, and having a fun time. It is usually used along those lines. But when you come across an eye-roll worthy social media post that you don’t want to engage in but still want to take a piss at, the dancing lady is perfect for conveying those feelings.

It’s especially hilarious to respond to a rant, whether it’s on a group chat or on Facebook. You get to undermine what they’re feeling as well as make it known that you’re so unbothered by it. Enough for you to be dancing around and living your best life.


It’s expected for communication to be as layered as a rainbow cake. There are always things that will be lost in confusion, as some are misunderstood to the point of exaggeration. This is why communication is a two-way street. It’s give and take, back and forth. But if you want to make things more interesting, use these emojis to stir up the pot!


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