A Buying Guide for Retractable Extension Cord

A Buying Guide for Retractable Extension Cord

It’s a real pain to bother detangling an extension cord during an elaborate task. On such occasions, wouldn’t it feel nice to have a retractable extension cord around?

Such extension cords are better than plain old cords as they can be ported around with absolutely no risks. What’s more, if you don’t wish to keep the cord on the ground, it can be held above the floor, completely solving the issue of tangling!

These reels are available in varying sizes and materials, but they all efficiently serve their purpose.

These are some of the premium retractable extension cord reels that might be available in a hardware shop near you.

Durable Heavy-Duty Extension Cords

These are compact cords made of polypropylene, with a drive spring that protects it from corrosive materials. These are available with reset buttons and reinforced spools, which can be locked at desirable lengths.
Finally, these can be mounted at any location, which is extremely important if you’re working around a larger project.

Light, Flexible yet Lasting Retractable Extension Cords

These light cords might fool your eyes as being anything but durable, but they can withstand anything.
These can be rotated in their mounting piece a full 180 degrees, while the female outlets (of which you get 3) are illuminated for easy access. These cords also come with a lock, which makes your life a bit easier.
This tool can withstand a power surge like a champ, so it should really be on every handyman’s shopping list.

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Flame and Solvent Resistant Extension Cords

Vinyl-covered cords can be mounted away from any contaminants, as they can withstand any environment. Since they can resist corrosion introduced by either water or oil, these are the number one choice of anyone looking to start a project around such environments.
These are easily retractable and can handle power-intensive jobs, yet should be used with a surge protector, to be extra cautious.

Corrosion-Resistant Extension Cords

These sorts of cords are built for intensive work, with industrial-level power surge endurance and coated components that provide maximum protection against the elements.
These are capable of being mounted or kept on a leveled surface such as a bench because it also has a reinforced ratchet, ideal for bigger projects!

Safe Yet Functional Extension Cords

With a heavy-duty casing, it also allows the ease of mounting socket. Overall, it is a safe and high-quality option for any novice in this field.
It can also be used for large scale commercial projects or smaller home-based projects. An illuminated female socket can also be used in low light settings such as under a vehicle.

Impact-Resistant Extension Cords

Being incredibly tough against the elements and stress of an intensive job, this might already be a favorite of many. Especially good for outdoor usage, it’s also straightforward to mount or set up.
It does come with safety features and a generous length of cord. Retraction is also pretty fast, with a locking ability to adjust the length of the cord.
These come with a resettable circuit breaker as well, which can help you retune the cord if it is pulled out too far and has stopped working altogether.

How to Ensure That You’re Buying the Best Retractable Reel for Your Needs

You might be baffled with all these options for retractable extension cord reels available. Well, fret no more; here are some tried and tested tips that might help you out.

The Gauge of the Reel Matters

Always remember to choose a reel based on the power demands of your projects. Usually, the more power your project will require, the lower the AWG number should be. Otherwise, the power surge might destroy your precious cords.

A 16-gauge cord could handle most of your home-based tasks, while a 12 gauge might be well suited for more power-intensive tasks. Think back to the most powerful tools you might be using, and then decide on the gauge.

The Environment of Your Chosen Project Dictates the Type of Reel

Choose power cords based on the stress you’ll be putting them under. For example, a heavy-duty, water-resistant cord will be best for projects in or around water sources.

Auto and Manual Retractable Reels

Manually retractable reels are less costly than auto-retractable reels but lack the durability of the latter. If durability is something you’re after, invest in a good retractable reel. After all, you won’t like to manually roll and unroll the cord reel during a labor-intensive project.

So, the next time you’re in the market for buying a dependable yet powerful enough retractable extension cord, you use these tips.

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