Best Hidden Spy App For Android 2020

Best Hidden Spy App For Android 2020

Do you want to control access to your company’s devices? Do you have fear from this technology may ruin your children’s future? Whatever be the scenario, spy apps are perfect to cope with such issues. These apps provide all the information of the targeted person which he/she performs on their device.

Out of a variety of spy apps, it becomes a challenging task to pick the right one. If we talk about leading spy apps, you can find the original ones. In this article, we will discuss the perfect app which will fully accomplish your spying demand.

Let’s go straight to the top Android spy app that will solve all your problems.

TheOneSpy Best Android Spy App

In 2020, TOS is still at the top in a list of the best spying app. It shows that TOS has successfully maintained its position in the market. TheOneSpy is the most powerful hidden surveillance software that facilitates the users with perfect Android spy app. It remotely tracks all activities which targeted person performs openly and secretly as well. TOS gives true parental control to parents to control their kids/ adults/teens’ activities. Likewise, it also helps businesses to detect the spoil eggs who are not sincere with their job or company.

TOS gives liberty to the user to access any of the functions of the targeted device. A user can monitor all voice and text message conversations of the targeted person. TOS also allows the user to watch, listen, and record live surrounding activities in real-time. A user can control both the front and back camera f targeted android device.

6 Major and attractive factors of TheOneSpy

The 6 major factors which add in the value of TOS, are the following.

  • TheOneSpy Performance

TOS performs all functions accurately and efficiently in real-time.

  • 3 Minute Installation

TheOneSpy only takes 3 minutes to install any app in any device.

  • Antivirus Proof

TOS provides antivirus proof applications which do not affect your device.

  • Real-Time Data

Whenever the user sends a command to get any data/information, TOS provide on time.

  • Sneaky Operations

TheOneSpy performs multiple sneaking operations which completely takes the customer into their trust.

  • Expert Support

Whenever the user needs any support, the TOS expert team provides wise and useful support.

TOS Android Spy App Exciting Tools

TheOneSpy offers 250 plus exciting tools and every feature performs special functions. With TOS amazing tools, a user can get access to all typical and secret activities performed by the targeted person.
Below are some of the most powerful spying tools provide by TOS.

  • Surrounding Recorder

It gives access to Android device MIC so the user could listen to live surrounding voices of the targeted devices.

  • Call Recorder

It helps the user by recording all incoming and outgoing phone calls. A user can also get a history of all previous phone calls with an exact time frame.

  • Social media monitoring

It allows the user to spy on all social apps, accounts, IM’s whether its WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or other social media platforms.

  • View 360 camera bugging

A user can remotely control both front and back camera of targeted Android phone to watch live surrounding activities.

  • Geo-Fencing

With Geo-fencing, a user can Mark Safe and dangerous locations on the MAP. So whenever the targeted person will go there, a user can get an instant alert about it.

  • Live screen recording

It allows the user to record live activities of a targeted person via the control panel. A user can record all activities in short videos and can get weekly, monthly, or yearly activities reports as well.

  • Screenshot Taker

Whenever a user sees any inappropriate action performed by a targeted person, so the user can immediately send a command to take a screenshot. It also helps as proof later.

  • Password chaser

It helps the user to track all applied passwords on the targeted device. In this way, a user can detect secret account, mobile screen lock password, and pattern and digit password as well.


It turns out that TheOneSpy is the only Android monitoring app that has still maintained its strong position in the spy market. You can also have a look at extensive customer reviews about TOS. TOS outstanding features and services make a perfect combination of serving.

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