Company Culture – What Does It Tell You About The Company?

Company Culture – What Does It Tell You About The Company?

Her place begins where the official rules and employee manuals do not reach. For example, company culture also talks about how to deal with problems, cooperate with colleagues, or whether it makes sense to go to the boss and present your ideas because you know he will listen to you.
Corporate culture is the realization that a good decision can come from anywhere, regardless of whether you are an employee or a company owner. Corporate values ​​are not only about how we think and solve problems. And in the end, they don’t just exist so that people on the team have something to identify with. Vice versa.
Based on the company’s values, you can predict where the company can go. For example, if your values ​​are based mainly on limits, your future employees will also be limited and thus average. And average employees mean an average company. But if you respect freedom and transparency, your values ​​will attract like-minded people with talent that cannot be expressed anywhere but in a free environment.
After all, the success of any company lies in the work of individuals who make daily decisions that can significantly affect the entire team’s success. Unless these individuals are kicking for the same team, it’s only a matter of time before the penalties pile up.
Company culture means the difference between being an employee and a team member. Whether you do your job or live it. Do you value your place, or would you change it overnight? A staunch individualist who hates working on projects with other people will hardly enjoy work that works on a team game.
A person who requires much freedom in his work will not identify with a job where he has to follow linear procedures. Suppose you are one of those who value time flexibility and the ability to work from anywhere more than an above-standard salary. In that case, you will not fit into a company where you will be terrorized with attendance every day.
Company culture is not a list of behavior patterns that someone invented. These values ​​can mean the difference between genuinely looking forward to work and giving it your all or going there just because you should. If your motivation comes from your self-actualization and certain needs, company culture is something you should be interested in at every interview.

What Are Our Company Values?

We are an SEO agency with quite an interesting mix of people with different personalities. Extroverts, introverts, analytical or creative souls. Lovers of brevity #BriefAndToThePoint or lovers of words who can’t think of an idea under 140 characters #StoryTellers.

Those who would jump off a bridge for team building and those for whom the trampoline is a personal best… and we could go on like this forever. You have an idea.

Despite our diversity, we are united by the values ​​we believe in and follow. Not only in our office but also when working with customers or on projects. They are:

  • Honesty and fair play – because we don’t do what we don’t like ourselves. More than anything else, we value ethics, transparency, and knowing that we don’t have to be ashamed of what we do because we do it with the best of intentions.
  • Freedom – be it time, space, or thought. We know it makes no sense to preach and limit because the mediocrity above stems from it. We respect everyone’s uniqueness and way of expression and work.
  • Discipline, self-reflection, and self-control – because freedom does not mean missed deadlines or unsubmitted projects. We rely on each other and expect everyone to do their part of the job to the best of their ability and to be able to evaluate their performance objectively. Either positive or negative. Proceed accordingly.
  • The ferocity and high performance – because we don’t want to do only what is necessary, but to bring added value. We look for holes in the system and are always thinking about what could be done better and more efficiently.
  • We don’t do what can’t be measured – because without it, we wouldn’t know if we’re achieving the results we rely so much on. We always know our goal and can specify it precisely.
  • The belief that people are primarily good – because negativism has never successfully led anyone anywhere. We think positively and look for the positive in everyone.
  • Action outside the comfort zone – we know you must constantly work on yourself. Exposing ourselves to situations we don’t like is a path to knowledge and personal growth.

These are the corporate values ​​that we carry, which should be breathed by everyone who wants to work with us and feel at home with us. Since there are never enough smart people, if you think you belong with us, there are never enough smart people, so let us know about yourself. Test yourself as an SEO specialist, and we will contact you when you know.

For those of you who haven’t paid much attention to corporate culture, this article served as inspiration. Either to create your corporate values or to find your place in working life.



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