Cybersecurity And AI Specialists In Great Demand

Cybersecurity And AI Specialists In Great Demand

Today 68% of business leaders feel that their information security risks are increasing. This, in turn, leads to cybersecurity specialists being increasingly in demand, motivated by the accelerated digitization process that we are currently experiencing. Data is considered the main asset of organizations, and its safekeeping and protection are becoming a higher priority every day.

What Would You Highlight About The Importance of Cybersecurity specialists Today?

Today cybersecurity experts are essential and in high demand. Your role begins with disseminating information from this area to people. Because all the issues that affect cybersecurity at a personal level, at a microscale level, always start with people. For knowing that they don’t give you tickets just like that, or that your bank asks you for the keys it already has. And it is very important to change the keys of the modem, the computer, and all the hardware or electronic components and devices.

Can You Share Any Tricks In The Cybersecurity Area That We Can Apply?

For this, he cited great cybersecurity specialists such as Soledad Antelada Toledano, current Security Technical Program Manager at Google, and until recently, a computer systems engineer in the Security Division of the Lawrence Berkeley National Research Laboratory, Department of Energy of the United States of America.

Machines have a harder time deciphering this than if it is numeric or alphanumeric with different signs. There are many tricks, but cybersecurity starts with people. Let’s think now with all this that we are living, not only in Ukraine, where what is happening is very sad. But also in what is being seen and lived on the networks and the internet. It is essential that companies can establish computer security measures, hand in hand with experts, creating and co-creating to stop attacks.

What Common Cyber Attacks Should Cybersecurity Specialists Be Prepared For?

We can mention malware, the famous “you’ve won an award, click here.” Many times people, due to ignorance, enter these fraudulent pages. There are also Trojans as if a person were inside your computer. In this way, they launch it at you, and it extracts all the information and, at the same time, compares all the data.

Let’s remember that we live in a time of human history where data is the main asset of companies. Today, the data, the systems, and almost everything are digitized. Above all strategic areas, let’s think of industrialized companies. If their plans are hacked, they can’t produce, which leads to a tremendous loss of money. Everything is hackable. Let’s remember that Jeff Bezos from Amazon has had his mobile phone hacking. With everything he and his company stand for, imagine what could happen to us.

Is Continuous Training Necessary So That Cybersecurity Specialists Can Be Updated?

On cybersecurity issues and any topic related to the digital environment. As the great Paula Renedo, a great friend who works in the energy sector, says: “we live in a period of humanity where there is an obsolescence of training. What I have studied is a perfect base, but it is obsolete in terms of digitization.

We see that today, in the technological environment, if I want to be and continue working in this field. And at the same time, the companies with their desire lower costs, lower hardware, and lower software. Then there is an exponential level of new technologies and methodologies, requiring cybersecurity specialists to update their knowledge daily. What demands an incredible humility to know the limits of that same knowledge.

And What Tools Can They Use To Continue With That Training?

I always invite people to prepare whatever their profile is. Today, there is quality training on the internet. So you can go testing, studying, and measuring the strengths that each one of us has. And our background, especially in those areas where we want to develop our knowledge and work.

I always present my case from when I started in the digital environment—working as a creative in campaigns when social networks were at their peak. I did an SEO positioning course and realized its usefulness when I prepared my doctoral thesis, where I analyzed and evaluated how speakers create and interpret new names. Specifically, in brand names, it turned out that many of the issues I addressed, such as theories, theses, and cases. All of this is essential when working with search engines. Google, for example, is a semantic lexical focus where words are pushed.

There is also fake news if we are going to hack democracies. As is the case with Cambridge Analytica and see how they used all that conversational, communicative strategy, this 21st-century propaganda. With this, I realized that my linguistic knowledge could positively impact me. The voice will have a significant point, as it already has it. By the way, the mouthpiece can be hacked within only 6 seconds. Both we and cybersecurity specialists must take this into account.

What Employability Will Be Generated In The Field Of Artificial Intelligence That You Dominate The Most In The Coming Years?

I would not talk about the future, I would talk about the present. Many profiles are required. As often happens, technology has evolved much faster than society and training. In universities, very obsolete content or the usual ones continue to be taught, although many are necessary. Since you have to have theories and specific knowledge, you have to have them as a base, but other types of content still need to be updated.


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