How Insurance Companies Will Take Advantage of a TBI Victim

How Insurance Companies Will Take Advantage of a TBI Victim

Traumatic Brain Injury is an injury to the brain that is acquired after birth due to some external physical force, which has violent consequences on the sufferer’s cognitive function, motor functions, and emotional state. Motor vehicle accidents, falls, or violence like gunshots or stabbings usually cause traumatic brain injury. In Chicago, any of the aforementioned causes can happen to you very easily. It is important to be cautious at all times in cities like Chicago. Staying up to date on personal injury laws is important. If you do not know what to do following an accident, it is best to consult brain injury attorneys in Chicago. They can help you to a great extent.

Here we shall discuss how insurance companies will take advantage of a TBI victim and try to deny them their rightful compensation.

1. Inappropriate Insurance Company Demands

Insurance companies have pressure to keep their profits up, and the best way for them to do this is to avoid paying for compensation. TBI victims may not be aware that their insurance company will make inappropriate demands regarding compensation payment. In an honest and fair insurance industry, the sufferer’s insurance company should be responsible for providing the benefits. Insurance companies tend to avoid paying for compensation and instead put the burden on the TBI victim. Insurance companies will also exploit this ignorance by making inappropriate demands to avoid paying.

2. Denying Compromise

Insurance companies often deny victims the right to compromise or accept partial payment. Insurance companies tend not to admit that they made a mistake by agreeing to pay for compensation at first instead of demanding that the victim pays for settlement in full. This is done so that they can negotiate with the sufferer without having the responsibility of paying for compensation. Insurance companies will also try to make the sufferer pay for compensation in full by making up fake stories about the victim.

3. Inappropriate Compensation

Insurance companies will also often deduct money from the compensation for things unrelated to the accident. For instance, if a car accident victim suffers from a broken arm, their payment will be reduced because they cannot work anymore. Insurance companies do this to pay less than what is fair. If you are in Chicago and you have been a victim of a TBI or any other accident or injury, you need a professional to help you file your case. Brain injury attorneys in Chicago will do everything they can to get the compensation you deserve. Call now to claim compensation for your TBI or other traumatic injuries.

4. Attempting to Discredit the Victim

Most Insurance companies will try to discredit the victim or misrepresent their condition to gain back some compensation. They will often try to make the victim look like they are faking their problems to scam the insurance company. Insurance companies will often focus on trivial matters, such as minor memory lapses or lack of concentration, and use them against the TBI victim.
Most insurance companies need to be more honest and fairer in paying compensation. They will often take advantage of TBI victims so that they can pay less than what is appropriate. The victim will have to play along to avoid making things worse for themselves. It is always essential to get help from professional insurance and trauma lawyers, as they will protect your rights and ensure that you get fair payment for your case.

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