DGME Login – Guide To Access Employee Account At DGme

DGME Login – Guide To Access Employee Account At DGme

DGme is a portal for the employees in Dollar General retail company. Retail stores are the common things that we see in our daily life to buy our essential needs and groceries. Dollar General is also a retail store market which has its stores in the United states. It has stores in more than 45 states. They offer low prices to the people. Dollar General is one of the most trusted American brands. In this guide let us discuss this platform and DGme Login details. Let’s jump into the topic.

What Exactly Is DGme Login?

DGme portal is for the employees who work in the retail stores of Dollar general, where they can access all the information about their work, schedules and payroll. Today everything is digitalized and every one is adopting smart work in their industries. offices or organizations cannot track every employee individually by maintaining offline records, so they are going for CRM tools and ERP tools to get everything digitized. This DGme Login can help the organization to track and maintain the employee information securely and it will also help the employees to login to their given accounts and access every information regarding leave management, salary management, workflow, login and logout etc. Below are some of the main features of this portal are given below

Features and benefits Of DGme Portal For Employees

  • Every individual employee will get a separate profile and account with login credentials.
  • User friendly structure and interface so that every one can easily use the portal without any training.
  • Everyone can see the recent updates and news about the company.
  • Employees can raise complaints if anything is there.
  • Employees can apply for leaves from the portal itself.
  • HR Support.
  • Communication channels with peers.
  • You can apply for new job openings in the company if you are eligible.
  • W2 documents.
  • You can get discounts for online purchases.

Now with this guide you can learn and know how to do DGme Login for employees and access your portal.

DGme Employee Login Process

DGme login (1)

Below is the process for DGme Login. This can be done if you are already provided with the credentials by the management.

  • First take a device with internet connection and open the official website of dollar general
  • Now go to the DGme login page.
  • Now enter the user ID, initials (First name and last name) and then enter your password.
  • Now click on the login option.
  • That’s it you will be taken to the Dollar General Dashboard.

While Login if you forget the password then you need not have to worry about it. You can retrieve your password again. There is an option called forget password on the login page itself. If we click on that then it will ask our employee ID and email ID or phone number so that it will send a confirmation link to reset your password.

DGme Registration Process

DGme login (2)

Normally when you join as an employee in DGme you will be given an ID and password by the management. If not then you can create it on your own by following the below process.

  • First click on the sign up page or register option Of dollar General
  • Now Fill all the required details like Employee ID, Legal First Name, Last 4 digits of SSN, Birth Month, Birth Day and year.
  • Now click on the submit button.
  • Now choose the username and create a password.
  • Thats it user setup is completed and now you are ready for DGme Login and access the portal.


Now you are well aware of how to do DGme Login. Dollar General retail platform is a very well deep routed organization that is established across the United States from the year 1939. These retail stores sell Personal care products, electronics, household items and seasonal apparel with discounts and affordable prices when compared to others. Finally in the coming days every company and organization must use the technology and provide major benefits to their employees. DGme is such a portal where all the employees of Dollar General can be benefited. Only the present employees and previous employees can access this portal with credentials. No other can access this platform, so it is very safe and secure.


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