EduPage Is A Handy Solution That Will Give Elementary Schools A Touch Of The Present

EduPage Is A Handy Solution That Will Give Elementary Schools A Touch Of The Present
  • EduPage is currently one of the most popular applications, You can discard student books, class books, stop complicating apologies, and you’ll have more control over your schoolboy. Thanks to a comprehensive online solution.
  • The school year is knocking on the door, which has certainly been registered by those who are no longer compulsory schoolgirls. After all, we also started the series What to do school 2020… where we have looked at the tweaks for the first and second grade of primary school. Google Play or the App Store also discreetly indicates that it is approaching the first ringtone. What is it about?
  • ASC EduPage is a comprehensive information system for kindergartens, primary, secondary, and art schools. The slogan is “Teachers teach, we do the rest”. It is probably already clear here that this is a solution that is supposed to relieve teachers from demanding administration so that they can focus fully on teaching. However, it is not focused on one side and offers a whole host of useful features for both parents and, of course, students.
  • From the point of view of the teacher or school, EduPage is a handy solution for transferring the entire teaching process to the online environment, which simplifies a number of processes. The solution will allow the school to create a web page without the author having to speak any of the programming languages. EduPage can also be implemented in existing websites.
  • If a website is the first necessary step for a school to be able to communicate with its students online, in the world, it can be implemented from an electronic class book, through grading, attendance, or communication with parents, basically everything. The system can automatically evaluate the entered data and process them for communication. We can use attendance as an example. The system automatically counts absences and late arrivals and regularly informs parents.
  • For teachers and schools, this solution is also advantageous in the case of substitution. All you have to do is enter the information about the change of teacher into the system once and it will appear wherever it is needed. It is also possible to integrate the dining room item into the system, which, in addition to the menu, also offers the option of logging in and out of lunches, payments, food records or orders.
  • The solution can also work with the payments that need to be made during the school year. In addition to the fact that the necessary fees can be made online, the system offers the possibility of checking the paid payments and the correct assignment to the student thanks to the possibility to import the payment directly from the bank. The system can also electronically submit apologies, applications, applications, and sign up for seminars, circles, and other events.
  • A huge benefit is the application for smartphones, which allows the entire system to be used comfortably by both parents and students. Of course, it is necessary for the school to have the solution installed and to use it actively.
  • EduPage is free on the App Store and Google Play. Once downloaded and first opened, it will offer you four options for using the application. You can sign up as a student, sign up by invitation, set up EduPage for your school, or use the guest option. We reviewed the application using the last option offered. This article is not a review, it is for informational purposes only.
  • Within the menu we found all the items promised by the main page edupage, if the system is used in full by the student or parent, they can directly check the grades, attendance, class book, schedules and substitutions directly in the application, there is also a photo or gallery item. , payments, the already mentioned link to catering, but also options for communication.


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