What Is A VPN – What Is It Used For

What Is A VPN – What Is It Used For

A virtual private network creates a secure and encrypted connection on less secure networks, mostly on the Internet. VPNs are often used to hide a user’s IP address, so they can avoid censorship, surveillance, or gain access to multimedia content that is not available in his home.

A VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a computer network for connecting computers into a single virtual network. A network is called a virtual network because it provides an imaginary direct connection to any other computer or Web site.

Computers can be in physically independent networks in different places, and they can communicate with each other via a virtual private network as if they were on the same network segment.

Via VPN, it is possible to ensure, for example, the connection of company computers anywhere on the Internet to the company intranet (internal company network).

How Does It Work

Simply put, a VPN works by replacing a user’s IP address with another, usually a foreign, address when connected to the Internet. In practice, the user can sit at home, but according to the IP address, he will be located in, say, San Francisco and will be able to watch Netflix with a selection of films for the USA region.

Of course, VPNs can now also be used by ordinary users and households, where it is used to protect the identity of private communications and the ability to access content or sites that are not available. Recently, the popularity of VPNs as protection against hackers when using public Wi-Fi networks has been growing.

Such a service is offered by many companies, but fees must be taken into account. Then better security, higher transmission speed, and especially a larger data package available to the customer are guaranteed.

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