Explained – This Is How Working With AdWords Works.

Explained – This Is How Working With AdWords Works.

Origin And Function Of Google AdWords

Google has always relied on text ads, which used to be classified according to search terms. In the beginning, Google processed the AdWords and the associated ads based on CPM (cost per mile – prices per 1000 contacts). Still, after a short time, the system was changed, and customers could place and edit their advertising themselves.

To be able to use Google AdWords, you register with an AdWords account and select the desired keyword for your advertising campaign. The click price is between 0.1 cents and several euros, depending on the keyword.

This click price is also called CPC (cost per click) and is determined based on the following factors:

⦁ quality score 

⦁ Scope

⦁ Competition of the selected keyword

After entering the specified keyword as part of a search query, the corresponding advert is displayed. After the results page appears on Google, the ad can be found above or below the organic search results. Typically, the client’s website is used for the use of Google AdWords so that the user can access the online offer via the corresponding advertisement. However, if there is no website, the advertiser can use Google My Business to create a simple page and place ads using AdWords Express.

Where Do The Ads Appear?

There are exactly two places where the advertisement can appear:

⦁ Display network: This is where Google’s internal services, such as YouTube and Gmail, are also giant (Amazon, Spiegel Online) or small partner websites. For this, however, the advertiser must participate in the AdSense program (advertisers bid on free advertising space, and the highest bidder gets the place: higher quality, tailor-made selection). The advertisement can be placed as text, as a banner or in the form of a video.

⦁ Google search network: This network includes Google search results pages, search pages from other Google websites and search websites or apps that place ads through a partnership with Google (eBay classified ads, meinestadt.de). In addition to the standard search ad, the dynamic search ad can also be selected here. This active search ad is based on the website content, while Google arranges the page thematically and provides the appropriate page for the searcher.

Benefits of Google AdWords

Google’s search engine holds the rank 1 in the unique market leadership. No other comparable search engine is clicked more often. The video portal YouTube, also owned by Google, is just as popular. Accordingly, everyone can imagine how lucrative it is to advertise these portals. The advertiser can also clearly emphasize his ad, for example, by placing it at certain times or only at selected locations. The budget for the click prices can be set individually per day.

Google Ads Agencies Help To Keep Track.

Agencies carry out the most precise analyzes as part of advertising measures so that the proper advertisement can be optimally published on the market and the corresponding target group can be addressed ideally. The Google Ads accounts are regularly revised and designed to achieve maximum success even with the minimum budget.

The integrated ads are constantly checked for functionality and potential. The market can change rapidly at any time, and it is up to the chosen agency to respond quickly to market events and adapt processes accordingly. By coordinating the target groups defined by the company, the ads campaigns can be set up optimally based on “expenditure versus benefit”.
The Internet is still – and always will be – the communication portal. Nowhere is the placement of advertising so lucrative and promising. Completely new target groups can be addressed, and new customers can be won through the optimal positioning of the advertising.


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