Google Gravity – Effects Around The Popular Search Engine

Google Gravity – Effects Around The Popular Search Engine

Google Gravity is one of the famous know term, Searching with Google has long been an everyday occurrence for you. But there is a funny website that looks similar to Google, but offers interesting effects around the search engine: With Google Gravity, the focus is on fun and the developers show completely different pages of surfing the web.

Searching underwater, a terminal surface like in the 1980s or the popular snake game: The website was specially designed by and for fans. We present the functions of Google Gravity in detail.

Functions of Google Gravity

Google Mirror: Everything Mirrored

If you like the Google Gravity site callest, striking first, that the normal search for mouse movement collapses immediately. The elements collect at the bottom of the screen and a normal search no longer seems possible. Nevertheless, some icons remain – including Google Mirror. Click on the icon and Google search will appear mirror-inverted. Your entered text is now also written from right to left and if you confirm your entry, this also applies to the results. But don’t worry if you can’t read anything: You can still read the results with a standard mirror and a little skill. Or just click one of the other icons.

Underwater: Search in the vastness of the ocean

Underwater is the know term of Google gravity, In Underwater  it seems at first as if the search field and the corresponding buttons fell into the water and would float around. A normal search does not seem possible – but you can animate the floating objects and the fish to perform certain actions. Clicking on “I’m feeling lucky” ensures that the aspect of the treasure hunt is not neglected.

Pac-man: Funny ghost hunt in the Google doodle

A few years ago, Google published a so-called Easter Egg on April 1st. Whole streets in Google Maps became the Pacman route and you could go ghost hunting with the keyboard control. The principle lives on in the Google Doodle ” Pac-man “. A doodle is a modified Google logo that indicates certain events or anniversaries or that simply contains more or less useful special functions

Terminal: Welcome to the 1980s

Another Google Gravity Function, What if the Google search engine was invented back in the 1980s? It would probably not have welcomed us as a graphical user interface but in text mode. The entry of search terms would, of course, have been preceded by an immense loading time and the display of search results would have been a lot more confusing.

Guitar: Become a musician at the touch of a button

Calls Google Gravity Guitar and the logo of the search engine is transformed into guitar strings. Below are examples of keyboard shortcuts that you can press to play certain melodies.

Snake Game: Control and feed the popular snake

The snake was a popular mobile game from the 1990s. The principle was based on the fact that a snake made of pixels moves across the screen and gets bigger as time goes on by collecting food. The direction of the snake was controlled with the cell phone buttons 2, 4, 6 and 8. In this case, you can play the snake game using the arrow keys and even get your score.

Other functions of Google Gravity

In addition to the featured functions Google Gravity site still offers the possibility of your current wallpapers from Bing and what to display an approximate location. In addition, you can use the Bing search engine as well as Google in reverse. You can find even more fun functions at the bottom of the screen when you call up the sitemap.


Google has brought out a whole range of fun special functions over the years, some of which are presented on the Google Gravity website. However, Google itself is not the operator of the website. From searching underwater to mirrored input to well-known game classics, there is something for every taste.

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