How To Create A Social Media Calendar?

How To Create A Social Media Calendar?

Why An Editorial Calendar For Social Media?

Behind each social network it is necessary to have an Editorial Calendar with a marked strategy and good organization. This must be done so that the day to publish does not arrive and we find ourselves without any type of content and without knowing what we are going to talk about at that moment or what type of publication we should do .

The day of publishing may come and the inspiration, for whatever reason, is not at its best . This would not happen to you if you have previous planning and spend time thinking about what you want to communicate to the audience.

If we do not previously have a publication calendar , what will happen is that we cannot publish anything or that we simply publish content that is not relevant to our profile.

Therefore, having a good strategic marketing plan is essential to position your brand well. At first it seems like a very big commitment, but over time you will see that the effort invested will have been worth it for your account.

How To Create A Social Media Calendar?

Set A Goal

One of the  big mistakes that are made on social networks  is that, from ignorance, we think that the best way to do it is to publish up to date. However, this can cause a negative effect on your social networks. Why? Well, because a content idea may be of quality for your audience, but for the networks it has no value due to the way it is executed (usually in a hurry).

Considering that each company is different, the first thing to do is develop a social media strategy. In it we are going to  establish a  main objective and several secondary objectives.

In addition, we will study our client or audience to  see the type of content that we can offer them  and how we are going to promote the brand. In this sense, we will alternate  engagement ,  branding  and product or service sales publications, depending on the brand with which we are working.

Choose The Communication Tone (Copy)

Once we know in depth what we want to achieve and what our followers are like, we must choose the communication tone of the messages (copy). To do this, several factors come into play that directly affect the personality of the brand and the audience we are addressing:

  • The type of content we are going to create for posts
  • The tone of the posts
  • The elements ( hashtags  and emoticons)

If you are not sure who your audience is on social networks, we give you a clue to discover it : Within the Facebook Fan Page or in the statistics panel of the rest of the social networks (only in company profiles), you can see data on age , gender and geographical area of ​​your fans. This will help you to know your audience in depth and determine what copy to use in the messages.

Following a coherent line with your branding and the same tone of communication in all social publications will create a very established brand image, making it easier for users to recognize and identify the company’s values.

What Social Networks?

It is a myth to think that “being on all social networks” will benefit the brand. It is not being in more, but how you use these social channels to communicate. The ideal is to choose the social networks related to our potential client.

It is true that being present in them will help us gain visibility and reach a broader audience. For example, if our company is dedicated to the sale of mountain clothing and its potential customers are young people between the ages of 18 and 40, having greater visibility on networks will allow us to also reach users over 50 who are looking for these products to give away. It is not our main public, but we can get an isolated sale.

We must be aware that the greater the number of active social networks, the greater the amount of work to maintain them. If your budget is limited, the best option is to prioritize.

If our target audience is present on Facebook, it is best to start there to give your audience the content they want and to generate the traffic to the web you need.

REMEMBER: having a presence on all social networks can give us more visibility, but it will not always be what your company needs . You must analyze which social networks your audience is in according to age or tastes. A machinery company should be on Facebook or Linkedin, but perhaps not on TikTok, since the latter are focused on a very young audience, even adolescents.

What Content Are You Going To Offer To Your Audience?

The type of content that you are going to create for your audience varies a lot depending on the moment in which we are. But if there is something to highlight, it is that, since the birth of TikTok,  video has prevailed over the rest of the types of publications .

In fact, we see that, for some time now, Instagram has set aside a section exclusively for  Reels . That is, a  section for videos  with the same format and the same measurements as TikTok. This is so because much of the content that is published on the fashion social network for young people (Tik Tok) is also shared on Instagram.

In addition to the video, and regardless of the social network, it is always taken into account that your  content is of quality  or that it is of interest to your audience. In this way you will make the audience  participate in your publications  and encourage them to  interact  much more with your content.

The most important thing of all is to take your time and see which platforms your audience is on in order to optimize your work as much as possible.

Schedule Your Social Media Posts

Tools like  Hootsuite or Creator Studio  allow the management of several accounts through a single tool. In addition, they offer us information of interest for our publications, such as  the best hours to publish  depending on the day.

With these platforms we can also publish at the moment or  schedule the publications  for later. This allows us to spend more effort getting to know users or spending a lot more time creating new content for our profiles.

If you have already created your  Editorial Calendar , it will be much easier and faster to dump all the information on a platform to schedule publications.

The  Community Manager  ‘s job is not to publish, but  to create social content for social networks  based on a solid and planned strategy. Social media programming is one more action, but the work starts much earlier.

A calendar with quality content and well organized based on predefined company objectives, guarantees that your social image gains trust and online reputation. You will also get a more optimized account, giving it value and differentiating yourself from your competition.


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