The Funniest Characters In Online Slots

The Funniest Characters In Online Slots

Modern slot machines attract the attention of gamers not only by their high quality design, clear interface, functionality and bonus options, but also by their amusing characters. The main focus in the development of game content  is on the main characters of virtual slots. Providers are trying to work out every detail, taking into account all the key points that can play a role in the process of forming a general picture of the selected game. Therefore, they take into account all the wishes of players that are interested in releasing slot machines on a particular theme. To get an overview of what a slot machine is, visit the following link

When developing the main characters, the providers try to make them not only realistic, but also add some humor, originality and style. These are the conditions that help to create a fun character that will attract attention with its unconventionality and extended range of possibilities.

The Most Popular Comic Slot Characters

Animals are of interest not only to children, but also to gamers. That is why most developers are trying to release slot machines, where the main characters are animals. Verify this by opening Australian online casino sites, which are a large selection of slots on the proposed topic. A detailed description of each of them, as well as an overview of the cooperation with each casino are in the articles by the author Olha Lammer.

Often among the animals that attract attention not only because they are cute, but also funny-looking, you can find cats and dogs. Less common are fauna such as dinosaurs, rats and crocodiles.

Funny Slots about Cats

Cats are considered to be one of the most common animals that can be found on the reels of online slots, made with a corresponding theme, or even ancient Egyptian, magic. In such slot machines, which can be found on the site Fair Go casino for Australian players, you can see images of cats as the main characters and bonus pictures. Sometimes there are such slots, where the cat theme is interpreted in a completely different way. For example, meet a funny gambling cat in the slot machine Catsino, released by Rival Gaming. In slot machine Cosmic Cat players get to see a kitten astronaut, who will go into outer space.

Interesting Slot Machines about Dogs

Virtually every gaming software developer has funny dog slots in their collection. Among them, you can find the usual developments and thematic original online games. The slots where the dogs act as detectives are in great demand. A prime example of this is the slot machine Rex, released by Novomatic. Equally interesting is the game Diamond Dogs. The main characters in it – rich dogs that stand out for their glamorous appearance. They look very funny. Another slot in a similar genre is considered Dogfather, where the main character is a dog – the head of a mafia gang.

Slots About Other Funny Animals

Animal-themed slot machines will always attract attention due to the comicality of the main characters. This is especially true of those animals that live on farms and homestead buildings. It is not uncommon to find such original characters as:

  • penguins;
  • dolphins;
  • monkeys;
  • lions;
  • panthers;
  • pandas; etc.

Furthermore, each character has an original design style that stands out from the competition.

Slots with Comedy Characters

The characters drawn from popular comedies are of great interest to fans of gambling entertainment. They are distinguished by their realism, charisma and amusing appearance. Among such slots, the following can be highlighted:

FoolsThe protagonists are pictures of local baloney children who are trying to save their homes. They stand out for their simple and funny appearance, which immediately attracts attention.
TedThe main funny character in this slot is a teddy bear named Ted, who as a teddy bear met a boy, after which they became the most loyal friends for life. Ted is endearing at first sight, but when he appears on the reels with his original grimace, he can make any player laugh. Throughout the game, the gamer receives various bonus rewards and prizes, which in one way or another relate to the main plot of the film.
Count DuckulaYou can tell from the title that the main character is Duckula, who made children laugh in horror movies. His image on the reels appears against a dark and dangerous forest full of secrets and mysteries. The count himself is not terrifying. On the contrary, he makes the players laugh
Members of the Griffin FamilyThe slot machine is based on the theme of an American TV show that was once popular in this country. The main characters belong to the same family, and the slot machine itself is packed with extra features and bonus options.
Pink pantherIt is no surprise that this character is used to develop slots by many slot providers. Often the Pink Panther slot machines are of the classic genre, but sometimes there are slots that feature bonus rounds, jackpot adventure games, panther jokers and more.
Mad HatterAnother character from “Alice in Wonderland” who attracts attention with his funny appearance and kindness. The quirky character is depicted in comic and dramatic poses. In the slot machine, he comes across with some rather bizarre facial expressions.


No slot machine enthusiast will be disappointed with their choice, as the virtual slots have a quirky theme with amusing characters as their protagonists. They are often characters from movies, TV shows and cartoons. Certainly, in most cases, they are well-known and loved characters who help you to have a whale of a time in your free time.


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