How To Delete Read Only Contacts From Your Phone?

How To Delete Read Only Contacts From Your Phone?

In every mobile phone there are contacts which we saved and some are emergency services contacts. But there are also some contacts which are called as Read only contacts in our contacts list. These contacts will automatically be added into our contact list through third party applications which we use in our daily routine like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp and Skype.

So many people do not know what are read only contacts and how they appear on our phone and how to get rid of these contacts from their phones. In this article we will explain How To Delete Read Only Contacts From Your Phone.

What Are Read Only Contacts?

The contacts which are added by the third party communication apps like WhatsApp and Skype are called read only contacts. These are not added by us annually. If you find a read only contact and want to delete it you cannot do it. When you click on delete it will show “contacts from your read only accounts cannot be deleted, but you can hide them”.

If you do not know How To Delete Read Only Contacts From Your Phone then you can follow our guide and delete these contacts from your phone.

How To Delete Read Only Contacts

Below are the three types of methods that you can use to delete read only contacts from your phone.

Method 1: Uninstall the application

The main reason for these read only contacts is our third party communication apps like skype and WhatsApp. So delete these applications from your phone which results in removing the read only contacts from your phone. If you do not use these apps then permanently uninstall them. If you use them then reinstall the apps. When you again install the apps the read only contacts will not appear.

Method 2: Unlinking the contact

As long as the read only contact is linked to the third party apps you cannot delete them. So first you have to unlink the contact and then you can delete them. To do this you have to follow the below steps.

Step-1: Open the contacts in your phone.

Step-2: Choose the read only contact that you want to delete.

Step-3: Click on the menu symbol.

Step-4: Now click on View linked contacts.

Step-5: Now click on Unlink and confirm unlink

Step-6: Now again go to the contact that you are willing to delete.

Step-7: Click on the menu option.

Step-8: Now you can see a delete option click on that.

That’s it the contact will be deleted from your mobile phone contacts list.

Method 3: By using Google’s Contact App.

This application will come as a preinstalled app in our Android phones. If it is not there you can download it from the play store. After that login with your google account and sync all your contacts. With the help of this app now you can easily delete the read only contacts from your phone. You have to open the read only contact and in the menu section there is option to delete the contact. Click on it and confirm the process then it will be deleted.


Now you have come to the conclusion and know How To Delete Read Only Contacts From Your Phone with three simple methods which are easy to implement with the help of our guide. There is no harm if you keep the read only contacts in your phone. So many people do not even know that these contacts are present on their phones. Only some people who are more familiar to the tech world will access those contacts and delete from their phones.


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