Internet of Things(IoT): Revolution For The Future That Begins Today

Internet of Things(IoT): Revolution For The Future That Begins Today

Internet of things (IoT) is the concept that refers to the possibility of connecting any object to the Internet.

Internet of Things which is called IoT is the interconnection of any product with any other around it, that is, connecting any object and element through the Internet. That the different things, objects, and devices that we have at home communicate with each other and offer us data and details about their operation.

If they were able to apply everything they have raised, it could mean not only a technological transformation but also an economic and social one. If technology makes computers transmit information with the elements of real life, the significance can be even greater than the digital revolution.

One of the technologies whose impact will directly affect our daily life will be the IoT (Internet of things), which will enjoy significant growth thanks to the infinite possibilities offered in the business field.

History of the Internet of Things(IoT)

Internet of Things was born with the idea of ​​simplifying people’s lives from connectivity through the Internet of objects and devices. For example, we currently have technological systems that help us control the irrigation of our crops, but with IoT we can go a little further, being able to know the status of each of the plantations, their ideal time depending on the type of harvest, its evolution over time, the remaining time to reach its optimum point, etc.

The term was launched by Kevin Ashton in 1999, director of Procter & Gamble, at the MIT Auto-ID Center, where the research was carried out on network radio frequency identification and sensor technologies.

IoT goes beyond being a concept that transcends the technological, referred to millions of connected objects. It is a concept that makes us reflect on how it will affect our lives.

In recent years, connected objects are growing exponentially, and forecasts are for even greater growth. The most recent estimates already place the IoT market above 20,000 million connected objects in the coming years.

Changes That IoT (Internet of Things) Will Bring

IoT is an enabler of digital transformation whose mission is to connect people with the things that matter to them. In the industry, it allows companies to be more agile, competitive and efficient in every way, which implies a reduction in costs and capacity to adapt more dynamically to changes in the sector. In fact, the 2019 report confirms that the industrial use of IoT has matured while this sector remains the engine that drives the implementation of Internet of Things solutions to a greater extent. Spanish industries have passed the IoT test phase to enter a new one in which they increasingly demand developments and concrete applications of IoT projects and solutions.

Connection Between Some Machines and Others

This will facilitate the exchange of information, as well as its use to make them more productive and efficient. For example, in an assembly line.

Obtaining More Data With Better Quality

Thanks to the connection of objects to the Internet we obtain better conclusions based on Big Data.

New Business Models

All technology that emerges goes hand in hand with business opportunities, and IoT is no exception. The existence of this type of communication generates, by the companies, the need to make the most of Big Data. That is, an insurance company could, for example, adapt the rates of its clients to its accident history, or control directly the status of each of the policies.

Greater Security For Employees

Among other things, from its use it is possible, for example, to identify areas of the building that are being damaged and that may present themselves as a danger to the safety of employees.

Cheaper & Efficient Technology

Thanks to IoT we can regulate, for example, the temperature or lighting of buildings intelligently, making them, on the one hand, more sustainable, and on the other, less expensive.

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