5G: The Transformation That 5G Brings Towards The Digital World

5G: The Transformation That 5G Brings Towards The Digital World

5G refers to the Fifth Generation of mobile technology, a new standard in telecommunications that will replace the current 4G and that beyond the significant improvements in our communications through mobile devices will result in key to the revolution of concepts such as Internet of Things, Smart City and, ultimately, the culmination of the digital transformation process in which we are immersed in recent years.

5G technology will reach our devices in the year 2020 and will be a revolution that will change our world towards a society with millions of connected objects and almost immediate response times.

What is 5G & What Changes Will Occur With Respect to 4G

As we already said the definition of 5G and it refers to the fifth generation of mobile technology, a new standard in telecommunications that will replace the current 4G.

Comparing to 4G?

Currently, your mobile device is connected through the 4G standard, whose latest evolution has been the 4G LTE with a data transmission rate of 100 megabits in motion and up to one gigabit at rest (provided that the connection is ideal). When we talk about 5G we mean a data transmission speed up to 1,000 times higher than what we currently know.

Steps Taken For 5G Implementation?

The importance of the implementation of 5G goes beyond the speed of response or connection of mobile phones and is a real revolution that will affect our urban environment, through the Smart City, and the way we have of relating, doing business or exchanging data.

For this, the European Union has created a private-public working group called 5G PPP in which the main telephone operators are present together with representatives of the European Commission. 

GSM to 5G: The Changes in the Mobile World

In recent years the evolution of the connection and data transmission of our mobile terminals has not stopped evolving and improving the way we communicate. Do you know what the letters that appear on your mobile mean when you connect to a data rate? Let’s review the latest changes in mobile transmission.

  • GSM was responsible for the first connections and mobile data transmission. Thanks to this standard we could send up to 10 SMS per minute.
  • GRSM the evolution came with the GRSM that extended the GSM bandwidth and allowed us to have a connection speed of up to 114 Kb per second.
  • Edge or EGPRS: on many occasions, you can see it on the screen of your mobile summarized in the letter E, we talk about an improved GPRS that extends up to 384 Kb the connection speed of your mobile phone.
  • 3G: it is the first major revolution in the world of mobile connection and opens the door to smartphones as we understand them in recent years. The connection speed reaches up to 2 megabits per second, an obvious improvement that allows us to start surfing the Internet through our mobile terminals.
  • H +: You can also see it on many occasions on the screen of your mobile (especially if you are on the road) and it is an improvement of the technical conditions of 3G since it extends up to 14 megabits the connection speed.
  • 4G: The evolution of 3G comes from the hand of 4G whose figures are summarized in 100 megabits in motion and up to one gigabit at rest. In recent years a new evolution has been reached, the 4G LTE that prepares the ground for the arrival of 5G.

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The Revolution That 5G will Bring

To understand the changes that the 5G standard will bring, it is best to highlight the data that marks this impending revolution in mobile technology:

  • The data transmission speed will reach 10 Gigabits per second, between 100 and 1,000 times higher than that of 4G.
  • The 5G will reduce the latency period (time that passes from being transmitted from a mobile terminal until it reaches its destination) that will go from the current 50 milliseconds to 1 millisecond.
  • 5G technology will allow the interconnection of 50,000 million connected objects (Internet of Things).
  • Thanks to 5G you can download a movie in less than 10 seconds.
  • It is estimated that the first 5G devices will be operational throughout the 2019-2020 period.
  • 5G technology will generate energy savings of 90% over current consumption, according to EU data.
  • The investment of the EU 5G PPP working group is 700 million euros.
  • The private part of the 5G PPP is made up of some 800 companies from all technology sectors in Europe.
  • The implementation of 5G will involve the installation of tens of thousands of micro-antennas or small cells that will replace the large telephone towers and make the current network much denser and connected.

The Digital Transformation With 5G

With the arrival of 5G, we are talking about much more than a better chance in our connection speed and data transmission. Experts agree that more than an evolution we are talking about a revolution that will turn our world into hyperconnected and our cities in an intelligent environment that will transmit and receive millions of data instantly. What are the axes of this 5G revolution and why is it indispensable in digital transformation?

  • Smart City: millions of sensors and connected devices that receive and send information from their users and administrations to achieve total interaction and an improvement in the quality of life of their inhabitants. Without 5G, Smart City cannot respond to all this information flow. Do you remember the keys to a Smart City? 
  • Industry 4.0: Without the speed of data transmission that 5G will provide, the complete development of the concept of Connected Industry or Industry 4.0 is currently laying its foundations and that will bring about these important changes in the current manufacturing processes that can be made Summarize in these keys.
  • Internet of Things: Together with these two concepts is the development of the Internet of Things. Without a speed of data transmission and instantaneous response time, the concept of the Internet of Things cannot develop in its entirety nor generate the expected transformation in our way of relating to objects.
  • Big Data: millions of data instantly that report to millions of other data that are going to be indispensable for the operation of both our cities, as well as the industrial sector or the private company and that cannot be understood without the technology and possibilities offered 5G.


Hope the whole world will experience the advantages that 5G will bring and make human life as simple as possible with the help of 5G technology


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