The Complete Guide On Training Your New Drivers With The Help Of Technology

The Complete Guide On Training Your New Drivers With The Help Of Technology

The invention of the wheel is one of the most important inventions that has singlehandedly been responsible for the turnaround of human civilization. Since times immemorial, the advent of the wheel has been associated with progress and change.
It has inspired some of the most crucial turning points in human civilizations, such as the industrial revolution.
The wheel has, more than anything, eased the modes of conveyance for humankind over long distances. The inventions of the automobile are incomplete and imperceptible without the wheel.
Expertise in the navigation of automobiles has since that time been a very important part of everyday transportation.
Modern, sophisticated vehicles require a command over the four wheels for movement and the steering wheel for navigation. An expert driver needs to understand the finer nuances of any automobile to be able to drive it. Merely driving a vehicle is not all that there is to driving.
Driving requires immense skill, patience, and expertise, along with the all-important understanding of road safety norms. Compliance with traffic decorum is an essential pre-requisite for any driver apart from expert maneuvering and navigation sense.
Modern automobiles and cars have efficiently integrated technical assistance to a manual effort to limit the scope of errors.
Because of the modern technological innovations, technology integrated and AI-assisted driving can become a reality today. Not only this, modern technological advancement has made significant developments in self-drive and other AI-powered technologies.

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From the ability to monitor car safety and track vehicles to prevent truck theft, technology has truly empowered modern driving.

Hence, today it is important for a driver not just to understand the mechanics of a car but also the technological integration to it as well. Even if it is a tad bit tricky, modern technology can also help you to learn with the help of the following steps –

Identification Of Key Needs Through Analytics

Before embarking on a journey of understanding and learning, it is always better to know what to learn and how to learn. For this, you need to understand the challenges you face and the problem areas that negatively impact your skill. 

These key areas can help you shape and modulate the learning techniques for a swifter and better learning process.

One of the myriad ways to identify this is to obtain the necessary analytics reports and plan accordingly. An analytics report closely examines and minutely details the various attributes and core competencies of a driver. Analytics is also important to create an essential difference between a normal driver and a skilled one.

Learning based on analytics and understanding is better for any learner as it helps to identify the weaknesses. Planning and strategizing your study patterns according to the same is vital for the betterment of any driver.

Using Video Telematics

Video Telematics is a recent development that keeps track and record of vehicular movement and driver monitoring. Video-assisted telematics is an integral part of the contemporary fleet telematics used by most cab companies and car owners. 

The combination of cameras and telematics has been influential in parking assists, GPS, and other technology in modern cars.

Today the fleet owners and telematics service providers invest in this technology globally to safeguard their fleets and assets. Video Telematics also provides a strong competitive edge in the market over its rivals. 

Apart from this, it has also been instrumental in enhancing the drivers’ performance, efficiency, and safety compliance.

A conventional telematics installation utilizes multiple cameras to record and project the factors related to a driver’s skill and performance. It also records reflex timing, emotional responses, and many other variable factors that were otherwise rendered unquantifiable. 

A typical telematics system can detail the driver’s core competencies and highlight areas that need progress.

AI Influenced Bot Learning

Artificial Intelligence is one of the most significant modern advances in technology in recent areas. AI-powered tools are one of the safest and most efficient ways to create analytics of a driver’s abilities. 

It can enable a driver in a multidimensional learning approach by understanding target areas that need improvement and perfecting his/her skill.

AI-powered bot learning has essentially taken over the physicality of the driver’s education in handling a car. Due to this, erstwhile fleet owners now do not have to worry about learning damages to the car. 

It also helps to prepare a driver for a host of challenging simulated scenarios and circumstances to better his navigational sense and ability.

A lot of the AI these days powers self-drive cars with manual overrides to help a driver learn in the best possible way. Where the driver is conventionally more prone to error, the AI can take charge and save the car from possible damage. 

At the same time, the AI stores the analytics for possible future reference to make sure that this is not repeated.

Simulations & Virtual Scenarios

Simulation and virtual scenario-based learning is not a novel approach in automobile handling. Earlier it was introduced in flying schools to help teach future pilots. 

Similarly, modern simulations help a driver to perceive and understand real-life scenarios and perfect his skill virtually. Simulated driver’s ed and virtual scenarios help to better a driver’s reflex actions when faced with a similar real-life situation.

Another benefit of simulation and virtual learning is the ability to integrate the nuances of the skill and channel it beforehand. Without a finer understanding of such nuances, a driver may end up fatally endangering himself and the vehicle. 

Simulated learnings point out the mistakes beforehand, so when a driver is behind the wheel, they know what to do.

Another very important part of the simulations is the physical damage to the life and property that is mitigated through virtual scenarios. Not only does visual simulated learning develop sharper reflexes and enhance preparedness, but it also helps to boost confidence as well. 

The technology helps a driver understand his strengths and weaknesses and work on it accordingly.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, driving is an increasingly manual activity. Until such a time as technology completely replaces the human factor, the manual element has to improve. This is not to say that technological intervention cannot help you better yourself.

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