What Is Symmetric Fiber And its Role In Internet Speed

What Is Symmetric Fiber And its Role In Internet Speed

If you connect to the Internet with the sole purpose of checking your emails, keeping up with the news, or to listen to music and download movies, you will have enough with a traditional ADSL or an optical fiber. However, if you dedicate yourself to uploading a large amount of content to the networks or have constant video calls through Skype, we recommend that you have symmetric fiber.

What Is Symmetric Fiber

Not many people know what symmetric fiber is, but it is being used by many more people. This is because symmetric fiber is intended to be used when the high-speed Internet connection is needed. Currently, an innumerable amount of content is uploaded to the networks, also, due to the confinement, many work meetings have had to be held through video calls. All this has made the symmetrical fiber fashionable.

But Do We Know What Symmetric Fiber Is

In a previous post, we explained what was the upload speed and the download speed. Both are different, the download speed being higher than the upload speed. Well, symmetric fiber is one in which you have the same upload speed as download speed. Hence the name “symmetric.” This means that we can play online or upload files to the cloud at the speed that we have contracted.

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Advantages And Disadvantages

Once we know what symmetric fiber is, we can think that it will only bring us advantages. That is true, but we must also get used to the idea that this type of fiber is not perfect.

Symmetric fiber brings with it many advantages, such as an improvement in the quality of video calls, a better connection in online games, or if you usually send very large files to the cloud.

The most important drawback is the price, higher than that of conventional fiber. Also, in some areas, there are no traditional high-speed cables that prevent symmetrical fiber from reaching there.

Is The Best Symmetrical Fiber For You

Although homes with a conventional fiber optic can get excellent results, companies are offering them symmetrical fiber. This is because there are more and more devices that require greater bandwidth to be able to navigate the network.

Even so, as we said before, symmetric fiber is specially designed for those users who need a fast flow of data transfer, and high upload and download speeds.

The Fastest Fiber Optic On The Market

And it is that when it comes to fast connections, it is the leading operator in the market thanks to its 1,000 Mb, Internet at maximum speed through which users can connect simultaneously to different devices without waiting or cuts and with rates that adapt to the needs of its customers.

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