Next to Bitcoin Don’t Miss The Financial Revolution That Has Already Begun

Next to Bitcoin Don’t Miss The Financial Revolution That Has Already Begun

The price of Bitcoin, which once reached 2.2 million yen, has plummeted to around 1.6 million yen since the end of December last year, and some believe that the bubble has reached a turning point. In addition, as I mentioned in the previous article, Bitcoin has a structural structure that can also be a time bomb in the medium to long term. There are many skeptical voices regarding their future potential, as the challenges are lurking.
However, looking at the current situation where the limits of Bitcoin are being exposed, considering that the blockchain that has been gathering expectations with Bitcoin is also the end, it will accelerate in the next few years. We may miss the sudden economic and financial changes.

What is a blockchain?

Blockchain was originally developed as a core technology that supports Bitcoin. This is a database technology for storing data by creating a block of transaction data called a block at regular time intervals and connecting them in a time-series manner like a chain. It is called a blockchain because the chain of blocks looks like a chain.

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Bitcoin is not the protagonist

Although it may be contrary to the general image, virtual currencies such as Bitcoin are, so to speak, innovations in the peripheral part away from the mainstream of finance.

On the other hand, blockchain is trying to make a major change in the financial system itself in the mainstream, which has been the core of finance that banks, securities companies, etc. have played. Therefore, the impact when put into practical use is expected to be so large that it cannot be compared with virtual currencies such as Bitcoin.

As mentioned earlier, blockchain was originally developed for Bitcoin. However, nowadays, the blockchain used for Bitcoin is considered to be just one of the special uses of this technology.

And how to apply this technology in the future has become a central issue for the parties concerned. In other words, the world of fintech is now shifting from bitcoin-centric to blockchain-centric, and the main customers are completely reversing. libra profit software contains detailed info about this.

Most people know almost nothing about Bitcoin. It’s kind of like the Internet in the late 1990s. It’s enthusiastic and excited about just a handful of audiences, but the mainstream and establishments are confused or indifferent. It is not uncommon to look hostile.

1) A 1000% soaring is not a dream,

so it is possible. Only 21 million Bitcoins (BTCs) can exist in the world, many of which have already been lost forever, like ancient Roman gold coins. If all bitcoins are worth half the world’s gold, then one bitcoin is worth $200,000. Assuming the value of all bitcoins is 1 trillion dollars (about 109,580 billion yen), 1 bitcoin exceeds 50,000 dollars (about 5.48 million yen).

The current value of Bitcoin is $7,400 (about 810,000 yen), and you can buy it from a small amount, so it is exciting to have it.

2) Because the blockchain is Next Big Thing

If you want to get on the wave before the boom is in full swing, you need some prior knowledge. If you dance without knowing anything and buy in the dark clouds, you’ll be in bankruptcy. Once you have Bitcoin and experience the process of getting cryptocurrencies, you are ready for the upcoming IPO of cryptocurrencies. It will be a big turning point on the day that we visit. If you have a bitcoin, you can put a boom on your side.

3) Since portfolio diversification is essential

Everyone should have some money in preparation for the volatility of the financial products market. And in the sense that it becomes an evacuation site, Bitcoin and gold are very similar. However, if you want to stock up on assets for an extremely volatile future, realistic Bitcoins have the advantage of being easy to store and easy to sell.

Unless you can only rely on weapons and food, gold and silver and Bitcoin are a must. Of these, Bitcoin is probably the most useful when you need to jump into an airplane and evacuate. Traveling with bitcoins is easy, but not with a gold bar or a bag of silver.

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