Basic Tips To Manage Your Brand Yourself

Basic Tips To Manage Your Brand Yourself

We are going to give five basic points that lay the foundations to build a coherent and solid brand, some of them require graphic design professionals and others can be run from within the company.

5 basic points that every company must have to manage its brand:

The graphic brand, of the type appropriate to your sector

Logo, symbol, logo-symbol. One of the types of graphic brands, appropriate to the sector, audience, and objectives of the company. There are still companies that downplay the fact of having a logo arguing that the secret is in the quality of the service or the product. To some extent it is true, but it collides with a glass ceiling when it intends to grow among an audience that does not know the company or its know-how and people have no arguments that make them believe in the brand. It is curious how we value the brand as consumers because if not how we justify the choice in the purchase of a car, economic limitations aside; However, on the other side, as entrepreneurs, there are two possible reactions: one to downplay it and the other to envy other brands saying they have more resources.

It all starts with a graphic brand as a representation of the brand strategy.

The corporate identity manual to use it in a unified way

Some manuals detail how to use the brand. These are the least and are necessary when the brand system is very complex and is in the hands of many people, that is, the company is large. The business fabric is mostly made up of small and medium-sized companies that require relatively basic identity manuals.

They must contain the minimum guidelines on the use and variants of the brand, its colors, where to use it, and how, restrictions, and some applications. Explained simply and understandably so that without the help of the designer the company is independent when creating a new template without breaking the visual and verbal style of the company.

Make an annual or semi-annual calendar with possible campaigns

This is the exercise that tends to cost the most, but the one that saves the company the most time in the medium long term. We all know about the benefits of planning, among other things, it allows us to work with the foresight to gather the necessary resources, whether financial or material, that each campaign requires.

We refer to a calendar that contains all the company’s campaigns in a year, with the start and end dates, the people responsible for it, and the necessary resources: financial, material and human. And the most important thing of all is then to consult and follow it, not to get carried away by the day to day without looking at that which has taken days to develop as a tranquilizer of consciences.

Set templates for communications

We already spoke in its day about templates for company communications. We are talking about free predesigned templates and “custom-made” corporate templates. They are a great resource to promote the identification of the company at each point of contact and generate a solid and reliable image.

Control messages and actions

Common sense, although as the least common of the senses is said. Everything that is done or said under the name or shadow of the company will directly affect you. If it is a good thing, the problem is when it is a negative thing that then has a hard time solving. Something as seemingly trivial as behavior in a car accident with a company vehicle, locker room on a business visit, lack of greeting and farewell in an email, messages or late calls, being late for a quote. Are gestures that can act against the perceived image of the company.

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