How To Sell Our Products on Facebook Through Fanpages?

How To Sell Our Products on Facebook Through Fanpages?

After going through radio and television, it is electronic devices (such as tablets or mobiles) that coexist with us daily. So do Social Networks, where we spend up to a third of the time we spend on the Internet. This is why it is so important that any business is visible on them, and on Facebook specifically, and that it is the tool to interact with their community of followers, helping them to stay hooked on the brand.

Currently, almost half of the world’s population is on social networks. This means that up to 49% have a profile open in some, or several, of them. Of all the available options, Facebook is the most chosen by users (with almost 2.5 million users) worldwide. 

This is the profile of the Facebook user

Facebook is an intergenerational network, with an older audience (being the oldest), a fact that is reflected in 47% of users, whose age ranges between 40 and 64 years, leaving 46% for the youngest (18 to 36 years old).

Regarding gender, the data is very similar: 53% are women and 47% are men. But what should interest us, as a company, is that more than 75% of those who access Facebook do so from their mobile phones. Therefore, our content must be ‘responsive’, that is, adapted to consumption in this type of device.

Why should we create a profile or fan page on Facebook?

Facebook is a social network that will allow us to accelerate the growth of our business. This is demonstrated not only by the fact that the vast majority of the population present on social networks is on Facebook, but also that 2 out of 3 users will visit our local company page to see the recommendations we offer, learn about the activity that We develop or simply admire our brand image. That is why it is so important to take care of the latter, as well as to have our content updated (about our new products, offers, etc.). In summary, users look for us to know more about us, and our Facebook profile or fan page will be the showcase in which to look.

Facebook will give us, in addition to visibility, the option of:

  • Connect and humanize the brand: reach out to our community to show them things that our followers would otherwise not be able to see.
  • Influencing the purchase decision: they will not buy from us simply by visiting our page. But if little by little we are hooking users with good content, and with our brand, we will end up being part of their purchasing decisions.

Effective keys to get the most out of Facebook

There are 3 fundamental guidelines, which will allow us to succeed as a business this social network:

  • Configure and optimize our fan page.
  • Create a content strategy and planning
  • Amplify our message with ads on Facebook.

Our presence on Facebook will be effective by mixing all of them. This means that we have to have good visibility, which we will get to after a good configuration and better optimization so that when people come to our page they can see what we want to communicate to them, we have to show them relevant content, for which a previous preparation of the same and rigorous planning is necessary, and, finally, we have to amplify the message that we want to transmit to reach more public. 

Differences between creating a profile and a fan page on Facebook

Several aspects make Facebook profiles and their fan pages differently. On the one hand, a profile :

  • It is more personal, with a maximum of 5,000 friends.
  • It does not offer statistics, nor does it allow filtering based on factors such as publications or schedules.
  • It only allows the user to publish.
  • Penalize if sold through it.

On the other, the Fan Page :

  • It has no limit of followers.
  • It offers statistics.
  • It allows direct communication with the client.
  • It has multiple tools for the sale of products.

Create a fan page on Facebook

At the bottom of the Facebook login page, we will find the link (under the text ‘Create a page’) that gives access to the first phase of the Facebook fan page creation process. To do this, you do not have to have a personal profile. We must choose one or the other, never both.

Once we start the registration :

  • We will indicate the name of the page, which must coincide with that of the brand. 
  • We will choose the category, which we have to choose well since it will be based on the Facebook algorithm to show the page if people search for it through their search engine.
  • We will indicate the address, also very important since Facebook is a platform that geolocates by the population.
  • We will add the phone number so that people can contact us.

After this, we will enter a new page where we will configure the main parts of our Facebook fan page. The first and fundamental thing is the profile photo, which should be either our logo or our brand image. Why? It will be the image that appears in all the publications that we make. 

Then, we will add a photo / s or a cover video, for which we will have much more space, and the username. The latter may be different from the business. It will be the one that people use to mention our page (next to an at sign). 

Next, we will proceed to define the blue ‘Call to action’ button. It is the one that indicates what we want the user to do once they enter our page. This depends on the business model and the objective. Facebook gives us several options, such as ‘make a reservation’, ‘get in touch’, etc.

The next step will be to include information about :

  • Local location.
  • Schedule.
  • Business history
  • Contact.
  • Web page.
  • Instagram.
  • Characteristics of the products for sale.
  • How to get there by public transport.
  • Payment methods at your disposal.

Some data that we must work with great care, since they will be what is reflected at the beginning of our page, allowing the user to know us without having to go to our physical store. They also help to position fan pages (in searches made from Facebook itself).

Structure of our Facebook fan page

We can configure the different elements that make up a Facebook fan page using the templates offered by the platform. For this, we will enter ‘Settings’ – ‘Templates and Tabs’, where we will find both the predefined ones and the option to create a new one. Once chosen the one that best suits what we are looking for, all that remains is to order it. We can start with the opinions, if they are good it is highly recommended, or the online store, for example. 

Finally, linking Facebook to Instagram is essential. To do it, in the Settings tab we will find the Instagram section, where we can carry it out.

Manage the Facebook page.

Once our Facebook page is created, it is good that we have the ‘Facebook page manager’ application, which will allow us to maintain the day-to-day of the page (schedule publications, answer messages, etc.) from the mobile phone.


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