The Best & Most Profitable Programming Languages ​​In 2020

The Best & Most Profitable Programming Languages ​​In 2020

The Internet and laptop systems have continued to develop and so impress the United States a touch a lot a day. When the increase of Minitel came the time of microcomputers, wherever the primary mounted pages flourished with questionable graphics and logos created victimization WordArt, luckily, they need to be given thanks to pages wealthy in animation and harmonious colors. Drop-down menus, websites optimized for computers, tablets and mobiles, pop-ups (advertising or engagement), all this can create potential because of the variability of programming languages ​​that compose this scheme.

Beyond the computer languages ​​related to the pure aesthetics of a website, there is a multitude of other languages ​​dedicated to the creation of applications, operating systems, or the creation of video games. And in an environment that changes daily, it is important to stay informed of the programming languages ​​most requested by companies, to improve your employability and your income, but also to stimulate your brain by giving it new challenges. Here is a small ranking of the most profitable languages ​​on which to focus your attention for the next few years and thus boost your career.


Scala is a multi-paradigm language, centered around the object and functional programming. It is a very popular language, due to its simplicity and variety of use. Based on the Java language, it is a staple in a programmer’s skill set.

Go (or Golang)

The open-source language created by Google makes it very easy to develop software. In addition to being used to create applications or build websites, Go is the benchmark for applications created in the Cloud. The syntax of this language is very close to that of C or Pascal.


Mainly used by Apple and Linux, Objective-C is a reflexive object-oriented programming language. It can combine C and C ++ languages, in particular, to create applications. If you are already familiar with the C language, you can get down to learning Objective-C.


Swift is simply the programming language created by Apple. It allows the development of applications and operating systems for the Apple environment (macOS, iOS, watchOS, tvOS). It should also be noted that very large groups such as Google or IBM are actively involved in the development of Swift.


Pascal is a programming language that uses a clear and imperative syntax and was specially designed for teaching. Based on Algol, it is very easy to use and appreciated by beginners who want to learn about programming.


Developed by the University of Auckland, the R language is the ally of people operating in the fields of statistics, data, and marketing. Open-source, it works in the form of a command interpreter, and it is possible to incorporate existing external modules into it. A language to watch closely, data processing becoming more and more essential in the daily life of companies, but also of consumers.


The most widely used high-level language in the world, Python, is very similar to human language by its structure. It is easy to understand because it is made up of words and not of number sequences or punctuation.


We no longer present Javascript, an essential language of the web. It allows animating the browser, allowing the appearance of pop-ups, animations, games, etc. It is a very versatile and essential language.

C ++

Designed as an improvement of the C language, the C ++ language is multi-paradigm. It allows many uses and uses, such as the creation of interfaces for Sony PS3 and PS4 video game consoles, Photoshop software, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox browsers,… a very varied panel, therefore.


Along with Java, Kotlin is the official language for the development of Android and its applications. Its static typing allows several languages ​​to be compiled in the Java virtual machine.


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