Specific Technologies That AI Can Revolutionize Data Centers

Specific Technologies That AI Can Revolutionize Data Centers

Although the overwhelming majority of knowledge centers base their infrastructure on conventional server platforms, Artificial Intelligence sets requirements for new technologies and shape factors explicitly designed for AI. Experts recognize the excellent potential of those infrastructures within the field of knowledge centers. However, it remains to be determined to what extent they’re going to transform the facilities’ architecture.

The data center hardware ecosystem is transforming with the advancement of the latest technologies, especially Artificial intelligence. While traditional CPU manufacturers like Intel still are the market leaders in data center IT infrastructure, other firms like Nvidia try to determine themselves as suppliers of kits designed specifically for AI applications.

This results in new technologies and form factors seeking to interrupt into enterprise data centers and enormous hyperscale centers. But these facilities are built following the pattern set by the standards for racks and servers, so experts say that the arrival of those new platforms won’t mean a radical change in these IT architectures. A minimum of within the short term, as operators aren’t willing to revamp the most and auxiliary systems to deal with these new technologies.

The debate on this evolution is open, but experts are convinced that the upcoming years will see the arrival of the latest technologies and innovations, which will help the new hardware designed for Artificial intelligence find its place in its title within the data centers. Experts recently explained, “We are getting to see tons of latest competitors later this year.” Although he also said this last year, he says that “now we are beginning to see chips start, and it should be quite exciting. These chips take longer to develop than anyone would like. But there’s no way that faster chips can compare to maintaining the expansion of the models. “

He refers to the rapid advancement that Artificial intelligence algorithms experience, which requires different approaches than conventional ones when it involves computing. And it isn’t almost computing power, it’s about the ability to figure with all types of knowledge sources. Therefore, specialists are convinced that within the future, the hardware for AI is going to be specialized, regardless of what proportion traditional CPU manufacturers want to enhance the performance of their chips within the field of AI, which they use this argument to sell the excellent computing power of your scraps.


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