Reasons to Study Fashion Communication

Reasons to Study Fashion Communication

What good can fashion bring if it doesn’t reach the right people at the right time? And, who ensures that it does? Fashion communication designers! Know that this degree is not only about the business of fashion but mostly about informing individuals about a piece or trend’s creative spirit.

As a fashion communication designer, you will facilitate and create verbal, written, and audio-visual content for a brand, label, or magazine, which will be shared with your target audiences. A degree in this discipline will equip you with a diverse set of skills such as advertising, public relations, visual merchandising, fashion journalism, photography, and much more.

Brass tacks! It is not an easy profession, but one that is both fulfilling and lucrative. Appease your creative spirit and pursue a degree in fashion communication to become any of the following professionals.

Fashion Journalist

Here is a career choice that is gaining more and more popularity with each passing day. As a fashion journalist, you can write for some of the world’s leading magazines like Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, Elle, and several others. Since a formal degree in this field equips you with creative writing skills, you will be able to articulate information the right way.

You will also need to read up on prevalent fashion trends and do thorough research on topics that you will write about in your pieces. If you don’t want to be tied to a job, you can also become a freelance fashion journalist.

Visual Merchandiser

When you go shopping, you must have noticed how different brands have a separate identity. For instance, a Nike display will never look like an Adidas one – even though both are sports fashion brands.

A part of the credit for creating a unique brand identity goes to a visual merchandiser. Not only are they responsible for arranging displays in ways that make them look attractive, but they also stress the utility and uniqueness of specific fashion items, thus propelling purchases.

Fashion Photographer

As a trained fashion photographer, courtesy of a degree in fashion communication, you will be responsible for various photoshoots. When you start in this field, you will likely get smaller projects like catalogue shoots for e-commerce sites, but later with the right work quality and network, you can start working with big fashion houses and magazines.

If you wish to become a fashion photographer, a formal degree can help you hone your visual and aesthetic skills. Know that these two qualities can be a real game-changer within the photography sector.

Fashion and Beauty Blogger

Thanks to social media and other digital platforms, fashion blogging is starting to soar in popularity. This is a great career option for those who wish to go out on their own and make a name for themselves within the fashion world. Whether you want to give out fashion tips or become an influencer and promote brands, the choice is yours.

You can also become a fashion influencer by sharing valuable content on your blog handle and gaining a following. If you gain thousands of followers, you can also charge a significant sum for each post you put up on your page for a brand.

In the end

Apart from these career paths, there exist several others such as brand management, marketing and PR, styling for movies, shows, and events. You can pursue any of them when you study fashion communication. The bottom line is that once you have a degree in fashion com, the possibilities are endless.

So, if you don’t want to be a fashion designer but wish to be a part of the fashion industry, divert your focus towards a career in fashion communication. But, before that, make sure you have a credible degree from a renowned institution like the Pearl Academy.


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