Restore Your Files With Stellar Data Recovery Professional For Windows Software In 2023

Restore Your Files With Stellar Data Recovery Professional For Windows Software In 2023

Did you lose your important files, photos or videos from your storage? Did you not back up those files? Then do not worry, here in this article we will explain to you how to recover your lost files from your computer with a professional data Recovery software in a simple and easy way.

Sometimes we may lose our data from the device due to virus and malware attacks and sometimes we may delete the data on our own. So, many people will search online for how to recover my lost data from my device, but many times they end up on the wrong third party website. But this article will help us to recover all our lost data from our computer. Let’s get into the article now.

Best Data Recovery Software

Here we are going to discuss one of the best data recovery software which is called Stellar Data Recovery. You can recover your all lost from the sources like USB, HDDs, SSDs and other various kinds of storages.

Below are the features of this software

  • This software will recover all the deleted videos, photos, files and critical documents.
  • It can recover and bring back the data from completely crashed & unbootable systems.
  • The deleted data in all types of encrypted, formatted, and corrupted drives can be brought back by the help of this software.

Data Recovery For Windows

Stellar Data Recovery Professional For Windows is a All-in-One Professional Data Recovery Software which is previously known as Stellar Phoenix recovers all types of data which is deleted or lost due to various reasons.

It can recover data from storage devices like external and internal hard disks, SSDs, SD cards, USB, Media drives, CD DVD, HD DVD and exFAT, NTFS, FAT formatted drives.

This software can retrieve the data from different file types like PDFs, PPTs and other office documents. It will recover data from Missing Partitions, Encrypted Drive and Crashed Windows with the help of quick and deep scan options.

More Features Of This DIY data recovery software

  1. This software can recover data from severely corrupted devices as well .
  2. Disk Imaging and Drive Cloning: Drive cloning is creating a clone to a hard drive which helps in data recovery and Disk imaging is to create a image of the disk which can furtherly used for data recovery
  3. We can retrieve the deleted or lost email data with this software
  4. This tool helps us bring back the data from the 4K hard drives.
  5. In the process of recovering the deleted data there will be an option to Preview the lost Data before Saving it to our device.
  6. This software will also Monitor Drive health and performance
  7. Optical and same Media Recovery with exact finale name and structure.
  8. On a Dual Monitor Setup also this software will recover the lost or deleted data from the device.

How To Recover the Data By Stellar Data Recovery Software

If you do not know how to use this data recovery software then you can follow the below mentioned steps and learn how to use this software and recover your deleted data.

1. First download the stellar data recovery software and launch it on your device.

2. Now select the data that you want to recover from the list.

Stellar Data Recovery Professional For Windows (1)

3. Now select the location from which you want to recover and turn on the deep scan option and then click on scan.

Stellar Data Recovery Professional For Windows (2)

4. Now it will start scanning. Wait until the pop up called “scanning successfully completed” seen on the screen.
5. Now you can see the page with options like file type, tree view and deleted data.

Stellar Data Recovery Professional For Windows (3)

6. Select the files that you want to recover and click on the option recover.

7. That’s it your data will be restored into your device.

Final Say

Having grasped the intricacies of this software and its data restoration capabilities, it’s apparent that there exist both free and premium versions of the software. The free version offers restricted access, allowing users to recover up to 1 GB of data without charge. Conversely, the premium option grants complete access, with three distinct pricing tiers: Professional, Premium, and Technician, each with varying costs. Customer reviews for this software are overwhelmingly positive. Should you wish to peruse them, the official website is the ideal destination. In our assessment, Stellar Data Recovery Software stands as one of the leading data recovery solutions in the market.


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