– Free Robux Generator For Roblox – Free Robux Generator For Roblox is an online platform to generate free robux(virtual currency) for your Roblox games. On this Robuxglobal website anyone can get robux for roblox games without spending any money. We can generate robux for free. This supports both Android and iOS devices. Here the people can earn robux by just participation in different events like quiz or giveaways that are conducted by the Robuxglobal website.

Here in our article we will completely explain what is robux and roblox? Why you need Robux For Roblox Games and also the process to earn free robux. We also explain if this process is a scam or illegal.

What Is Robux and Roblox?

Nowadays people are mostly spending their time playing games. Roblox app is a place where we can find many kinds of games that belong to different genres. From kids to adults you can get all types of games for free of cost.

Robux is the name of the virtual currency in Roblox. Roblox is an online platform or an app where we can find a number of games. Not only games it also contains social media and ecommerce where you can earn and spend your virtual currencies directly.

Mostly all the games that present on Roblox are free. But for in-game purchases like upgrades and others we need to spend money which is called Robux.

To earn Robux freely for our roblox We can use

What Is Online Robux generator for roblox. People mostly use this website to earn free robux for their roblox accounts and spend them to upgrade their games and enjoy the games.

On Robuxglobal platform we just need to enter our roblox account username and password. This platform will conduct surveys and polls so that people can participate and earn rewards like Robux and other gift cards which are useful to upgrading their games and upgrading the characters in the games with the use of earned robux.

Below is the process on how to get Free Robux from

Steps To Get Robux From

If you follow the below steps it will be easy for you to generate free robux for your roblox account

  1. First, get a mobile device or tablet or laptop with a proper internet connection.
  2. Then open any browser and visit website.
  3. After opening the website it will ask your username and password of the roblox account.
  4. Enter your roblox account credentials.
  5. It will ask whether you are using Android or iOS. Select the appropriate option.
  6. Then click on the continue option.
  7. After that it will ask how many free robux for your Roblox that you want to earn. 
  8. Then press the generate button, it will ask some questions and then your process will be completed.

Unique Features Of

Below are some of the best features of Robuxglobal platform when compared to other free online robux generators.

  • is totally free of cost.
  • This website is a third party website.
  • A well designed and planned UI, so that everyone can easily understand.
  • As it is free it will contain many ads.

Is Safe Or Not?

Upto some point we can say it is safe to generate free robux for your roblox account but we cannot assure it is 100% safe and secure to earn free robux from this platform.

There is also no method to transfer robux to others. This platform is also not a legal one. There are many free robux online generators on the web but the roblox developers will not recommend any one of those. If you break the rules then there is a chance of suspending your roblox account permanently.


I hope you understand the total concepts of Robux, Roblox and We do not recommend generating free robux from online free generators, not only Robuxglobal there are many other platforms that generate free robux for your roblox account, but we recommend to buy robux from only official websites and legal sellers.


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