Signs You Need to Update Your Website

Signs You Need to Update Your Website

The business website is one of the key parts of most companies, and this is only getting truer by the day. In most surveys, you see the company’s business website being responsible for anywhere from 30 to 50% of its revenue, and in a lot of cases, it is closer to 100%.
So it should be obvious that you need to take care of your business website and ensure it stays up to date and functional all the time. Due to the nature of websites, a lot of business owners think they don’t need to update it just because it doesn’t physically degrade, but this is completely false: consumer taste changes, design standards evolve, and products/services need to be updated. This is why you always need to keep an eye on your website and ensure it is up to date.
But, when should you update your website? This is a question that doesn’t have an easy or straightforward answer. There are no definitive ways of knowing when your website will need an update and when it won’t. Nevertheless, there are some prominent signs you can follow to determine, with some accuracy, whether your website needs an update or not. You can be pretty certain that you need an update if you see two or more signs.

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1 Incompatibility with Mainstream Devices

Back in the days, most of the traffic to business websites came from office desktop computers with virtually uniform specifications. You could predict how the visitors would interact with your website and what type of screen the website would be displayed on. 

Nowadays, the types of devices and computers people use to access websites is much more diverse. There are two dozen screen sizes, there are various ways a visitor might interact with your website from a touch screen to a mouse and a stylus, and these devices all have different capabilities. You need to make sure your website is compatible with the most popular and common ones so you don’t lose any potential visitors due to your website displaying incorrectly. 

As new devices get released consistently with new technologies and capabilities, they won’t be automatically compatible with your website. You don’t need to update your website whenever a new device is incompatible with it, but when a significant number of new devices are incompatible with your website, and it is hurting your business, it is time to update your website and ensure compatibility. 

2 Decreases in Visitors and Conversion Rate

The number of visitors to your website and the rate at which they convert to consumers are two of the most important metrics of your website’s success. They determine your website’s potential and how much revenue you generate from it.
As such, you should be extremely concerned about both metrics and constantly monitor them. If you notice a drop in either, you should act almost immediately. It is one of the conclusive signs your website needs an update.

3 Significant Changes in Product Lineups or Business Processes

What’s the primary function of your website? To explain your services/products to potential consumers, to make it easier for your clients to find your business, and to have one portal to detail your business fully. 

If these are the primary functions of your website, then it makes sense to update your website and change it if it doesn’t serve one of these functions. And when doesn’t the website fulfill these functions? It’s pretty clear: it is when you update your product lineup, business processes, etc. This is a clear sign you should update your website so it reflects your new business practices. 

These are just three prominent signs. There are many more, and you can find an agency to help you with the process if you click here

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