Are Smart TVs a Door To The Insecurity of Our Data?

Are Smart TVs a Door To The Insecurity of Our Data?

Smart TVs are nowadays common in every home and offices, some may have doubts about whether smart tv leads to the theft of personal data.

The enormous possibilities of the Internet of Things go hand in hand with some serious potential security-related risks. More and more devices are connected in all areas, but especially in the home, these are devices that may have important vulnerabilities, decisive for us.

This is the case of Smart TVs, smart TVs connected to the Internet that have more and more people in their homes. There is no doubt that the entertainment benefits provided by these devices are enormous. We all benefit from access to audiovisual content, access to the Web and many other things, connecting services to the television and enjoying with the family. check out the latest invention for Spectrum In Windows.

However, as we allow the device access to the different services, we are also giving access to sensitive data, at least passwords, email addresses, billing information, card numbers …

The reality is that Smart TVs are becoming targets of criminals. Irrationally, we tend to think that the risks to which we are exposed are very low, or nonexistent, and in this way, we stop worrying about the level of data protection that the device guarantees us (something similar to what can happen to us with our smartphone).

Many smart TVs do not have basic protection tools and, if they do, they are not usually used. Also, skipping security updates on the TV software, or installed applications, is a crucial mistake that puts us in danger. Updates correct vulnerabilities as they are discovered.

Thanks to those vulnerabilities, not “patched”, cybercriminals can enter the device and explore its possibilities from that privileged position. Not only can they spy on and steal confidential data (if these are not protected), but they could “jump” to other devices connected to the home WiFi network if it does not have adequate protection.

In case the potential access to user credentials is not sufficient for access to services, there is also the possibility of using devices such as the TV microphone or a smart speaker to obtain private information. Or, more recently, these Smart TVs can become part of an army of “slave” devices dedicated to Bitcoins mining without us noticing.

Therefore, as with any connected device, it is necessary to use the protection tools at our disposal, update the applications and software of the Smart TV and learn how to use good passwords for access to services: all different, all complex and, above all, changing them periodically.

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