Social Networks Play A Fundamental Role In Companies.

Social Networks Play A Fundamental Role In Companies.

The COVID-19 is affecting numerous companies that have been forced to close down their shops, stores, and offices. Some have the possibility of implementing telework, but many others are not yet ready. In this situation, it is necessary to look for the positive side motivated by the need to move forward. It is here where social networks come into play as a tool to attract and retain customers.

According to Experts, “social networks are going to play a fundamental role for many companies taking into account the current situation. They are an indispensable tool in any marketing strategy and their communication power is comparable to the power they have to attract and retain customers. Therefore, from our side we want to offer you some keys to make good use of social networks and try to reduce the impact caused by the situation in which we find ourselves. ”

5 keys to attract and retain customers

Establish conversations with consumers

Maintaining interaction with users is key. Staying connected with our followers, even in the current situation, will be highly valued by our clients.

For this, we can take the opportunity to consult your opinion about our product, service or our customer service. Also to carry out surveys, a different and very useful way of asking, since it offers metrics with which to subsequently measure, for example, customer satisfaction.

Create interesting content

Another way to attract the public on social networks is by offering valuable content for our target. For this, it is essential to be creative and show professionalism in each post or tweet. In addition, it must be borne in mind that you cannot abuse your own content, but we must be generous. Achieving the “follow” means being closer to achieving the objectives.

Show the more human side

Achieving an emotional connection between your company and your client improves engagement and will offer you positive long-term results. Showing the daily life of the company and team members can serve to achieve this type of connection and helps to transmit the values ​​of the company while humanizing it.

Reward them

That a consumer decides to follow a brand is something that must be rewarded. Organizing sweepstakes, allowing them exclusive access to new products or offering exclusive discounts are just a few examples.

Offer exclusive customer service channels

Customer service is key to customer loyalty and social networks, being a two-way communication channel, can be good allies. Of course, at this point it is essential to offer an agile response. It does not matter if it is a positive or negative comment. All must be answered with honesty and transparency.

“When a client or future client follows you on social networks, it means they expect something from you, an added value,” says experts. In summary, it is about adding value to consumers and showing them that, despite the exceptional situation we are currently experiencing due to the health crisis caused by COVID-19, we try to offer them our best service, with generosity.


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