What Are Surge Protectors For? Uses and Advantages

What Are Surge Protectors For? Uses and Advantages

Usually Called as “Protectors for permanent or transient overvoltages”

In any electrical installation, safety is essential. Aware of this, at webupdatesdaily we explain you what are surge protectors, both permanent and transient, so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and requirements.

All the surge protectors in this section are subjected to strict quality controls and tests in order to offer you a safe product that allows you to protect your electrical installation from possible voltage surges, be they permanent or transient overvoltages. Here you will be able to find single-phase and three-phase protectors, as well as of different intensities so that the protector adapts perfectly to the demands of your installation.

The main advantages of Surge Protectors are

  • Increasingly efficient surge protection solutions are required, especially in power supply areas such as renewable energy generation, process industry, and building infrastructure. 
  • surge protection is a mandatory component of any power supply, especially in building infrastructures. Therefore, commercial and private buildings must be equipped with surge protection. The series connection of varistor and spark gap guarantees protection without leakage current between the line conductors and for the protective earth conductor.

Transient and permanent surge protectors

Overvoltage limiters or protectors are a device that is connected between the electrical network and the ground , so that it can protect each and every one of the elements of the installation in case of transient overvoltages such as those caused by storms , as well as  permanent overvoltages .

One of the advantages of these systems is that as long as the voltage remains within the admissible and usual values, without the danger of voltage overload , the protector will behave as if it were not installed, the tenants of the building will not notice its presence . However, when the voltage exceeds this value considered usual, it becomes conductive, deriving the overvoltage to earth, so that it does not cause any damage.

In each and every field of life, prevention is a recommendation that cannot be ignored. But when we talk about the dangers arising from a lightning strike , you cannot leave lullaby to chance. Protection is a must.

The choice of the surge protector model to install will depend on multiple factors, such as the probability of lightning strikes,  the geographical area in which the building is located, the type of power distribution network and the presence or not of lightning rods in the vicinity, among many other factors.

In any case, from web updates daily we recommend having an effective surge protector in every building. If you want to know more information about these systems, do not hesitate to contact us without obligation.


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