Big Data, AI, Robotics And Cybersecurity, The Technologies That Contribute The Most To Curbing Covid-19

Big Data, AI, Robotics And Cybersecurity, The Technologies That Contribute The Most To Curbing Covid-19

Technologies like blockchain, 3D printing, mobile applications, AI, or robotics help fight the pandemic. Also, to attenuate its impact on commercial activity. The report published by experts identifies people who have contributed the foremost to the fight against the coronavirus thus far.

Thus, 53% of the innovative initiatives deployed for this purpose have turned to big data and AI. 22% are supported by robotics, and 12% on cybersecurity. In third and fourth place are the blockchain (11%) and chatbots (2%).

Primary uses of Blockchain technology, for instance, enables better management of medical supplies by ensuring the traceability of its supply chain. This feature would have reduced uncertainty and made the sourcing process more transparent. It also reduces the spread of hoaxes by allowing traceability of the origin of the news. Third, mobile telemedicine applications are utilized in many countries to stop the collapse of their emergency phone.

Grant Thornton also points to geolocation as a technology that will be put at the service of a higher control of these infected by the coronavirus and their respective quarantines. It does so within the hands of geographic information systems that fulfill a monitoring function and collect data to predict trends.

Artificial intelligence is another innovation with multiple uses within the fight against Covid-19. for instance, early detection of infected, rapid diagnosis, or follow-up of treatments. The mixture of video surveillance systems and AI-assisted thermal cameras allows the temperature to be taken. In the same way, people who don’t wear a mask are often detected in subway or train stations. Diagnostic tools supported by AI can determine whether or not someone has contracted the disease between 15 and 20 seconds with a degree of accuracy of 96%.

Finally, the drones and robots allow remote of the population should be recalled, for instance, citizens who must remain in their homes, spraying disinfectants in areas affected or interact directly with hospital patients in delivering food and medicine or disinfecting rooms, waiting rooms, and corridors using ultraviolet rays to scale back the contagion of health personnel.


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