Elitetorrent 2024 – Download Movies, TV Series | Elite Torrent Alternatives

Elitetorrent 2024 – Download Movies, TV Series | Elite Torrent Alternatives

Elitetorrent is Currently one of the most popular websites to download movies and series at high quality from torrent. However, it is going through difficult times due to legal problems, and its access by users is constantly blocked. But Elite torrent is not the only site specialized in this task. So if you want to know the best alternatives to this website to download movies, then we tell you everything you need to know.

Elitetorrent provides One of the greatest pleasures of life is to enjoy a good movie at home. And for this, various tools have been created that allow us to carry out this activity without interruptions, as in the case of subscriptions to the streaming movies and series services.
However, you may have access to the Internet briefly or on time, which gives us the opportunity to download the movies we want to watch, to enjoy at any time. There are many websites specialized in offering this type of multimedia content for download, although the most popular are those that make use of torrent servers. “Another way to access movies without downloading them is via fire stick TV. But what if the desired movie is not available to you? Well, that’s where this jailbreak firestick guide comes in handy. But first, let’s look into the torrent options.”

The torrent services allow us to download files at a faster speed and with the possibility of resuming the download in the event that a problem occurs with the connection, thus avoiding having to put it from the beginning.

Elitetorrent Alternatives In 2024


Due to the problems that Elitetorrent has faced with its closure in various countries, people are looking for other alternatives. Next, we will tell you some of the most popular alternatives to elite torrent. They are as follows

  • The Pirate Bay
  • ExtraTorrent
  • Torrentz2
  • YTS.AG
  • TorrentDownloads

The Pirate Bay:

pirate bay is one of the oldest and most popular alternatives that exist. Although it is not limited exclusively to movies since it is also possible to download music, games, programs, and all kinds of files using Torrent servers.

It was created in 2013 and since then it has faced legal problems, in the same way as EliteTorrent, but its developers have managed to overcome all those difficulties to stay operational. During his fight, he used several proxy servers to change the location of the domain, change the IP, among other things. This is one of those pages that is most recommended to download from movies to games by Torrent.


Like the previous one, it has great popularity and support from users, because it offers the possibility of not only downloading but also watching movies online for free. In addition, and to enhance people’s enjoyment, it goes beyond this content.

In RARBG you can find games, music, movies, series, and even programs to install on your computer. However, in the films section it does not have a catalog as extensive as other alternatives, but those that have a great image and sound quality. This is another excellent alternative to EliteTorrent.


Consider by many as one of the 5 best websites to download content via Torrent. Extratorrent site has a lot of popularity and support from people, which is why many entities have tried to close it, and they got it in 2017. However, they managed to return to entertain its users.

After it was blocked in 2017, its developers became serious and managed to bring it back, along with a completely new domain. It should also be mentioned that this site has other types of files for download, from games, programs, series, among other things.


This site was born to be the successor of the acclaimed Torrentz, which was discharged. However, it should be mentioned that this website works differently from the rest, since it not only puts at your disposal movies, series, music, and even games, but it goes further as it notified you to or alert about news in other popular download sites by torrents, such as Pirate Bay or ExtraTorrent.

In addition, and its most outstanding function is that it has a search bar, through which we can search our files or the content we want, in more than 60 download sites by Torrent linked to the site. It is an excellent torrent search engine.


This website is another of the most popular among Internet users to download content through torrent. It should be clarified that, although its name suggests, it is not related to YTS or YIFI.

The interface of the site is extremely simple and minimalist, with all the options and interesting sections in full view of the users.

In YTS.AG you can find a wide variety of movies with very good quality. Although there are users who claim that this website is similar to the rest, the truth is that it is not, because it has its own identity, which is why users have voted it as one of the best alternatives to EliteTorrent that currently exist.


One of the most veteran of the list, with many years in operation, and 5 being considered one of the best alternatives to EliteTorrent.

On this site, you will notice that everything is organized in a way that is minimalist and efficient. On the right side, you can find a section with various file formats from series and movies, games, programs, music, digital books, among other things.It currently has more than 7,000,000 files that you can easily download through torrent servers.

Thanks to its simplicity and efficiency, it is considered one of the great alternatives to EliteTorrent that currently exists on the web.

These are just some of the most popular websites that are considered by users as alternatives to the legendary EliteTorrent.

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