The Trends And Strategies Of Digital Marketing In 2021

The Trends And Strategies Of Digital Marketing In 2021

Digital marketing is essential in any business that wants to go to the rhythm of society. It is the only way to attract and retain customers, but there is so much competition that it is increasingly difficult to stand out from the rest. Today we tell you what the trends to implement in 2021 to excel are.

What Else Will Be In Digital Marketing In 2021

Marketing strategies are the only means we have available to sell more. However, given the wide competition in all sectors and that more and more companies act through marketing, it is necessary to be different. For this, there is nothing better than innovation. Here are some tips for you to innovate and stand out from the competition. 

Social Media

There is no doubt that social media has undergone many changes over the years. People’s habits change, and new networks appear with new opportunities to adapt to. These have shown specific trends, such as that many users are leaving the networks due to the Data Protection Law and that more and more brief content is being followed. What do we mean by this? People value short content that leaves a clear idea or leaves no idea, such as stories on Facebook or Instagram. 


Videos have become the king of digital marketing and an excellent tool for attracting customers. This year, 90% of the content that has been shared on networks has been videos. What does this mean? That audiovisual content is going strong and is becoming the most used and valued. It is estimated that videos represent 80% of the traffic generated on the internet.  How to make different videos that make us stand out from the competition? There are many ways to do it, and the first, of course, is by offering valuable content. 

Content Marketing

Videos aside, the written content is still considered the only type of digital marketing strategy. How to do it to be successful? There are very marked trends in this area that make it clear to us how everything will work in 2021. 

  • Influencers: Influencers continue to rise, and it is because they know how to connect with the customer. Following their example, recognizing customers’ needs and giving them a solution is the key to selecting topics for our content strategy. 
  • The Transparency: Users have already been bombarded with a lot of information and publicity, and they know how to differentiate honesty very well. For this reason, the value of transparent companies that offer a sincere message and that strive to earn the trust of their public.
  • Personalized Content: Since there is a lot of content available on the network, it is necessary to create customized content that connects with the public and thus creates engagement. To achieve this, multiple companies are creating dynamic and interactive web pages, as well as gaming. Being different is the key.


This is an under-exploited digital marketing strategy that promises in 2021. It is one of the most difficult to implement but offers a lot of traffic, authority, and potential customers. The work and effort will be worth it! What does it consist of? It is about investigating the benefits that some actions entail and thus gain publicity. 

For example, a real case: a person who has a marketing agency and offers video marketing consulting services investigated many influencers’ money on YouTube. He decided to base his blog basically on this. In a short time, this valuable information was mentioned by a television medium referring to his blog and by several YouTubers on his channels. The result? A considerable increase in visits and sales. 

Guest Post

If you take a little time, or one of your employees, to write guest posts on authority pages in your sector, you will attract many visits since the norm is to offer a position in exchange for a link to your website. Although it may seem something simple that does not contribute much, the positioning of your website will increase a lot.  This will not be as simple as it looks because many will see you as their competitor, so your proposal must be valuable by offering quality content. The best thing is if you have some that you can show them. 

Other Marketing Strategies And Trends

Although we do not like to talk about negative things, such as the pandemic experienced this year, we must be aware that this has caused notable changes in marketing. Hence, what is known as Contactless Marketing has emerged that is working effectively. This is based on three ways of putting it into practice : 

  • Small demos. Show our products through video conferences or live broadcasts. 
  • Product distribution using 3D printing. 
  • Deglobalization of manufacturing. 

Another strategy that will be consolidated even more, if possible, in 2021 is that of artificial intelligence. It has been proven to be effective in improving communications, analyzing data or tracking sales, as well as projecting patterns of customer behavior and, based on this, making changes that we consider necessary. 

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